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Call For Blood Lyrics

by 2 Pistols


Call For Blood Song Lyrics

Call For Blood by 2 Pistols

Your lies make me so sick
You tried to stab a knife in my back
I always thought I could get out of your way
But now you asshole, you pushed me to far

Now take the pain
My beats smack on your face
First blood will squirt
Now lost in franticness

I smash your head
Onto the concrete floor
I won´t drop out
Until I´m satisfied

Once friends now enemies
You tried to grab all that you could get
You have defamed me whenever you could
You pushed my buttons, but now it´s enough


Why did you need to overeach yourself
I often warned you but you did not stop
Now take the consequences, you foment my anger
I feel like bursting, so now I have to vent my hate

I call for blood
I call for blood

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