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22nd Base - I Wanna Be A Businessman lyrics

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I Wanna Be A Businessman by 22nd Base

I wanna be the one to call all the shots, I'm done
With always being told what to do by people like you
I want to get work done and tell someone it's all or none
I'm tired and I'm pissed and I'm trying to get over you
Cause I'm always putting up with shit that gets thrown upon
Us kids who are having fun, and it's not fair to us and
And it's all the same to the people who can't stand the rain
The time something becomes a pain, we're the ones to blame and...
I got an opinion and that expresses myself
I got an opinion I wont share with anyone else and
You can call us minions while you're sitting on a shelf
But this little opinion I'll keep all to myself yeah
I want to be the one to convince people that I'm something more than a weasel
Not just so you think so, but just to get rid of the tease, oh
I just want to sell you more, we're not the ones you should ignore
The point where life doesn't have a bore, that's why I keep knocking on your door cause

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