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by 1984


Maze Song Lyrics

Maze by 1984

When I thought I was trapped
In all the bunkers I'd built
Tattooing my own map
On each nuance of your skin
You waited until ink was used up
And then you led me to the way out
The past we sapped and wrapped
Slowly comes undone now

Oh I'm gone

Your pulsations stop mine
Beating for the both of us
Lead me to the wild
Siamese twins on the run
Let's leave the town and escape to the sea
We'll wash the dirt and rub the scars we drew
The past we sapped but healed
Slowly comes undone now, slowly comes to be cured

Oh I'm gone

We move as we wanted to chase the ghost in our heart, the ghost in our
Collide we collide in the same cold dance and shout the new trance shout
The new trance
Don't be afraid oh come on and raise you frightened beast you feel the
Rising as a giant in our veins we are the maze, we are the maze, we are the
Maze, we are …

Oh I'm gone

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