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Solace Of The Shadows Lyrics

by 13 To The Gallows


Solace Of The Shadows Song Lyrics

Solace Of The Shadows by 13 To The Gallows

When I'm gone I'll become the trees.
When I'm dead I'll become the sky.
The tears you've wept will be the rain that pours down.
Just like the rain, your tears will eventually dry.
When you look around I will be there.
You can't ignore death, it's all around you.

In the solace of the shadows, a figure appears.
Reach out your hand to me as I pull you near.
The image just disappears.
A void that was once filled,
Now gone from my soul forever.
You can't replace something,
Something that's no longer there.
An emotion that I can no longer bare.

[Solo: Adams]

Loneliness haunts only when in silence.
Something is there but can't really see it.
It sneaks up when you least expect it.
It's like a nightmare but it's reality.
Do you believe in life after death?
What happens to the restless soul?
Feel constant chills upon your flesh.
Is there someone there right beside you?

An image of someone close still can scare the soul.
A walk in the graveyard, Wonder if there's wandering ghost.

Sometimes it comes without knowing.
When I'm gone will I always be remembered?
Will you recall the laughter, will you recall the tears?
Keep the good memories locked in tight.
Keep them in your heart and mind.
Will you savor today, hoping you'll see tomorrow.
Just remember all those close to you.
Those close who sleep within the Earth.
Who have become a part of Mother Nature once more.
Forget me not, remember who I was.
Not perfect, yet different, with a different mind.
Not like yours yet still forever mine.


[Solo: Adams]
[Solo: Martin]

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