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10cc - The hospital song lyrics

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The hospital song by 10cc

He don't want ya like i want believe me boo i dun told ya he don't appreiciate ya mind I can tell by da way he holds ya
He don't love ya like i do love you n squeeze you like i squeeze i make ya neck pop back n in fact i bubble ya knees well ok baby what's it gonna take for you to be my lady
(tell me right now)
I hear ya friends say ya should you parents say ya was good your lil sister keep yellin Honey i wish you would but ya hesitatin debatin whether or not it's real i ain't shootin game i'm jus tellin ya how i feel i'm diggin everythin about you your hips n the way they swing i hate to see ya leave but i see ya walk away i'll be ya personal shrink boo i care what ya think i parked a Bently in pink does my dough N'Sync so tell ya man (Bye Bye) n tell him ya long (gone) ain't no need for him to love ya ya found you another (home)
Verse 1
I don't know why ya care
He doesn't even know your there (oh no)
'cause he don't love your eyes
And he don't love your smile
Girl you know that ain't fair
The middle of the night
Is he gonna be by your side
Or will he run and hide
You don't know Cos things ain't clear
And baby when you cry
Is he gonna stand by your side
Does the man even know your alive
I got an idea
Why don't you be my girlfriend
I'll treat ya good
I know you hear your friends
When they say you should
'cause if you were my girlfriend
I'd be your shining star
The one to show you Where you are
Girl you should be
My girlfriend
verse 2
Does he know what you feel?
Are you sure that it's real?
Does he ease your mind?
Or does he fake your stride?
Did ya know that
Love could be a shield?
ah ah ah ah
Ever since i saw your face
Nothing in my life has been the same
I walk around just sayin your name
Without you my world would end (YEAH)
I searched around this whole damn place
And everything's as you were meant to be
My girlfriend

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