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Zero Theorem, The Soundtrack CD. Zero Theorem, The Soundtrack

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Zero Theorem, The soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2014


Qohen Leth


Destroying the Mainframe and the Release


Q Loses It


Bob Collapses


Bainsley Leaves


We Can Be Together


There'll Be No Call


A New Bainsley


Inside Your Head


Shrink Rom Rap – Bob's Crunch – Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton 

Beach Romance


Enter in Tropical Style


Bob's on the Job


Bob and the Clones


The Nurse


The Entities Won’t Crunch


The Mainframe


Joby's Party Part 3


Joby's Party Part 2


Meeting Management


Joby's Party Part 1


Remote Central



Karen Souza 

Leth on the Street


The Zero Theorem Main Title

George Fenton