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Training Day Soundtrack CD. Training Day Soundtrack

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Training Day soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2001

Krumbsnatcha f/ M.O.P. 

Put It on Me

Dr. Dre & DJ Quik f/ Mimi 

Number One


Watch the Police

C-Murder & Trick Daddy 

Dirty Ryders

The Lox 

American Dream

P. Diddy and the Bad Boy Family f/ David Bowie 

Tha Squeeze

Gang Starr 

Training Day (in My Hood)


Wolf or Sheep (Film Score)


Protect Your Head

Soldier B 

Let Us Go

King Jacob & Professor 

Guns N' Roses

The Clipse 


Cypress Hill 

Crooked Cop


Bounce, Rock, Golden State

Golden State 

Keep Your Eyes Open (Film Dialogue)