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The Brothers Solomon Soundtrack CD. The Brothers Solomon Soundtrack

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The Brothers Solomon soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2007
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

The Flaming Lips 

Mornings Eleven

The Magic Numbers 

St. Elmo's Fire / Man in Motion

John Parr 

Almost Paradise

Ann Wilson / Mike Reno 

Fire Escape


Your New Grandson


You Get a Baby


To The Vid Store


Tara Flush


Sleeping Bags


Sky Writing


Second Trimester


Racing to Mee Janine




Oh My God


Of Course


Ode to Fish


My Father's Dying


Let's Do This


John Storms Out


Janine's Right Behind You


I'll Tell You Tomorrow


How Long




First Trimester


Find That Baby




Dead Bird & Popcorn


Dad Flashback




Sofa Talk


To Janine's


Lamaze Class



Proof Apartment 

Baby Toss


The Negotiator


Bull Headed Brother