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Revolution Lyrics by Yngwie Malmsteen


Revolution by Yngwie Malmsteen

And now the end begins.
The world is dying from within.
But the game is still the same.
Just different players.
To fuel the flames.
Now is the time to she'd our skin.
And we must repent our sins.
It's a revolution.
It's been brewing much too long.
As a new age dawns.
It's a phenomenon.
In the calm before the storm.
Our spirits must be free to roam.
Out of chaos we will rise.
There's no time for compromise, No!
It's a revolution.
In this relentless quest.
There's no time to lose.
We must pass the test.
We will weld this power.
And win this battle.
In our finest hour.
Then your death will be glorious.
As we stand victorious.
It's a revolution.
[guitar solo]
It's a revolution.

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