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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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  1. I Keep Forgettin' That I Forgot About You
  2. Don't Lay Your Head On My Shoulder
  3. Keeper Of The Key
  4. Open Up My Heart
  5. Angels Don't Lie
  6. Come On
  7. Cry Baby
  8. Today I Started Loving You Again
  9. Pennies From Heaven
  10. Too Many Teardrops Too Late
  11. Just Now Thought Of You
  12. Let Me Talk To You
  13. Heavenly
  14. Turkey In The Straw
  15. High Heaven
  16. Heartaches For A Dime
  17. Breakin' The Rules
  18. Falling For You
  19. Down Came The World
  20. Man Man Mr. Sandman
  21. Bar Fly
  22. Long Black Limousine
  23. Sing A Sad Song
  24. The Tourist
  25. That's The Only Way To Cry
  26. Missing You
  27. Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy
  28. You Took Her Off My Hands
  29. Searching For Another You
  30. I Bought The Shoes That Just Walked Out On Me
  31. There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
  32. It's A Beautiful Day
  33. If Tomorrow Could Be Yesterday
  34. Strings
  35. You're Everything To Me
  36. I Can Take It Or Leave It
  37. Half Way In Love
  38. You Can't Wynn Stewart
  39. You Kiss Me Like You're Waving Goodbye
  40. For The Good Times
  41. Young As Spring
  42. My Rosalie
  43. Thousand Wonders
  44. My Own Little World
  45. In The Arms Of Love
  46. Who Are You
  47. You're No Secret Of Mine
  48. Another Day Another Dollar
  49. One More Memory
  50. Love Ainâ??t Worth A Dime (Unless Itâ??s Free)
  51. Daddy's Girl
  52. But You Know I Love You
  53. Back To The Blue Room
  54. Wishful Thinking
  55. Ol' What's Her Name
  56. I Won't Live That Long
  57. No Time Like The Present
  58. Wall To Wall Heartaches
  59. Goin' Steady
  60. Out There Is Your World
  61. Rainy Night In Georgia
  62. You Can Always Give Her Back To Me
  63. Love's Gonna Happen To Me
  64. If Houses Had Hearts
  65. Something Pretty
  66. Cause I Have You
  67. Let's Pretend We're Kids Again
  68. It's Such A Pretty World Today
  69. Half Of This, Half Of That
  70. Bring It On Back To Me
  71. Good Old Fashioned Love
  72. Happy Blues
  73. Let The Whole World Sing It With Me
  74. Seasons Of My Heart
  75. Tough Row To Hoe
  76. The Happy Part Of Town
  77. Big City
  78. If You See My Baby
  79. I'll Die Tryin'
  80. I'd Rather Have America
  81. Do Die
  82. Maiden's Prayer
  83. I Can See Sunshine
  84. Why Didn't I Write That Song
  85. Care
  86. Games People Play
  87. Run Away
  88. The End Of The World
  89. Prisoner On The Run
  90. Weâ??ll Never Love Again
  91. I Was The First One To Know
  92. Arm's Lenght From You
  93. Playboy
  94. School Bus Love Affair
  95. Do It To Someone You Love
  96. I Was Just Walking Out The Door
  97. All Of A Sudden
  98. She Didn't Color Daddy
  99. Kiss-A Me Love-A Me
  100. It's All In The Game
  101. When We Had Nothing
  102. Big, Big Love
  103. Loversville
  104. I'm Living In Sunshine
  105. Sing That Same Song Again
  106. School Bus Love Affair (1958)
  107. Eyes As Big As Dallas
  108. After The Storm
  109. It's Too Much Like Lonesome
  110. Lonely Rain
  111. The Wild Side Of Life
  112. Unforgotten Man
  113. You're That Someone Else
  114. Cheating Is In Style
  115. How The Other Half Lives
  116. Unfaithful Arms
  117. I'm Beginning To Believe
  118. This Cold War With You
  119. Waltz Of The Angels
  120. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)
  121. Happy Crazy
  122. You Told Him
  123. Couples Only
  124. Yankee Go Home
  125. Yours Forever
  126. I'm Gonna Kill You
  127. Don't Monkey With My Widder
  128. D=faded Love
  129. Itâ??s Raining In Seattle
  130. It's So Cold In Your House And Lonesome In Mine
  131. Wonder Could I Live There Anymore
  132. Baby It's Yours
  133. You Don't Care What Happens To Me
  134. Poison Red Berries
  135. Wrong Company
  136. Sweethearts In Heaven
  137. Lovinâ?? Up A Storm
  138. Slightly Used
  139. It Always Rains On Me
  140. I'll Be Your Stepping Stone
  141. Donna On My Mind
  142. Does He Love You Like I Do
  143. Three Cheers For The Loser
  144. Orange Blossom Special
  145. Let's Invest In A Little Bit Of Love
  146. Money Talks
  147. One You Slip Around With
  148. Built-In Love
  149. It's A Small Thing
  150. In Love
  151. Let Me Be The First To Go
  152. Sha-Marie
  153. World-Wide Traveling Man
  154. Above And Beyond (The Call Of Love)

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