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Breakin' Up - US The Band


Breakin' Up by US The Band

(Phone rings)
Dan: Who’s gonna get that?
Moira: Respect your elders.
Laura: Yeah, respect your elders!
Dan: Well someday, you’ll be respecting me!
Moira: Yeah right!
Laura: As if!
(Answering Phone)
Dan: Hello?
Josh: Hey, it’s Josh, I hate ya.
Dan: Well I don’t ever wanna see ya again!
(Boom, boom, breakin’ up, c’mon, everybody)
Breakin’ up is tough,
When ya got someone ya love,
And you’re fightin’ over the
Right boy for you…
Breakin’ up is tough!
Breakin’ up is hard,
When ya got a really cute bard,
Who likes ya ‘cause you’ve got
Some cash and a car,
But he wants ya to be artsy—
Laura: Hey I’m artsy!
Yeah right—
Breakin’ up is hard!
Breakin’ up is really tough
When ya got somebody that you love,
Breakin’ up is really hard
When you got a really really really really cute bard,
Breakin’ up is hard!