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K, K, C, E, H & H Lyrics

K, K, C, E, H & H by US The Band  

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K, K, C, E, H & H No matter what I do,
I’ll always be with you,
And I am here to stay,
Here’s to girls like me!

We’re K, K, C, E, H & H,
What we’ve got is what it takes,
We’re gonna beat those,
Beat those high stakes,
We’re K, K, C, E, H & H!

A princess,
A jock,
So not!
An explorer,
Calm down, brother!
A fairy,
A wizard,
I’ll be a lizard!
But put it all together and you got…


So tell me,
Will we,
Go down in history?
Will all,
And honor us of the mall?
Or will
None know,
Of we who strive?
It’s gonna be hard to stay alive!


CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music