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Tom T. Hall

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CD Album  Ultimate Collection (2001)
CD Album  20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Tom T. Hall (2000)
CD Album  Home Grown (1997)
CD Album  Everything From Jesus To Jack Daniels (1983)
CD Album  Soldier Of Fortune (1980)
CD Album  About Love (1977)
CD Album  Faster Horses (1976)
CD Album  I Wrote A Song About It (1975)
CD Album  Country Is (1974)
CD Album  Country Songs For Children (1974)
CD Album  Songs Of Fox Hollow (1974)
CD Album  For The People In The Last Hard Town (1973)
CD Album  The Rhymer And Other Five And Dimers (1973)
CD Album  The Storyteller (1972)
CD Album  We All Got Together And... (1972)
CD Album  In Search of A Song (1971)
CD Album  100 Children (1970)
CD Album  I Witness Life (1970)
CD Album  One Hundred Children (1970)
CD Album  Ballad Of Forty Dollars (1969)
CD Album  Homecoming (1969)
CD Album  A Country Christmas With The Stars Of Branson
CD Album  Storyteller, Poet, Philosopher
CD Album  Other Songs A - Y
Album: Ultimate Collection (2001) Lyrics
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  1. Ballad Of Forty Dollars
  2. Homecoming
  3. A Week In A County Jail
  4. Shoeshine Man
  5. Salute To A Switchblade
  6. The Year That Clayton Delaney Died
  7. Me And Jesus
  8. Ravishing Ruby
  9. I Love
  10. That Song Is Driving Me Crazy
  11. Country Is
  12. I Care
  13. Deal
  14. I Like Beer
  15. Faster Horses (The Cowboy And The Poet)
  16. Fox On The Run
  17. Your Man Loves You, Honey
  18. What Have You Got To Lose
  19. The Old Side Of Town
  20. Jesus On The Radio (Daddy On The Phone)
  21. You Show Me Your Heart (And I'll Show You Mine)
  22. Harper Valley P.t.a.
  23. P.s. I Love You
Album: 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Tom T. Hall (2000) Lyrics
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  1. P.S. I Love You
Album: Home Grown (1997) Lyrics
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  1. Bill monroe for breakfast
  2. Beautiful river of life
  3. Legend of the lady bear
  4. Royal annie
  5. Waiting on the other shoe to fall
  6. Local flowers
  7. Watertown tennessee
  8. Back when the old homeplace was new
  9. What a song
Album: Everything From Jesus To Jack Daniels (1983) Lyrics
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  1. Everything from jesus to jack daniels
  2. Senior citizen star
  3. Letters
  4. Harmonica man
Album: Soldier Of Fortune (1980) Lyrics
cd Buy "Soldier Of Fortune" CD
  1. Soldier of fortune
  2. Me and jimmie rodgers
  3. Back when gas was thirty cents a gallon
  4. World according to raymond
  5. Texas never fell in love with me
  6. Whiskey castles
Album: About Love (1977) Lyrics
cd Buy "About Love" CD
  1. Your man loves you honey
  2. Whole lot of love
  3. And i love you so
  4. Little green flower with the yellow on top
  5. Time takes care of a few things
  6. Goodbye cowgirl
  7. One of the mysteries of life
  8. Happy groundhog day
  9. I still care what happens to you
  10. Way we were
Album: Faster Horses (1976) Lyrics
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  1. Faster horses (cowboy and the poet)
  2. Big motel on the mountain
  3. No new friends please
  4. Little brown suitcase
  5. Negatory romance
  6. It feels better now
  7. Songwriter
Album: I Wrote A Song About It (1975) Lyrics
cd Buy "I Wrote A Song About It" CD
  1. Deal
  2. From a mansion to a honky-tonk
  3. Girl who read the same book all the time
  4. Trees in philadelphia
  5. I like beer
  6. Fallen women
  7. Lying jim
  8. Mc leay street in sydney
  9. Sad song for my friend
Album: Country Is (1974) Lyrics
cd Buy "Country Is" CD
  1. That song is driving me crazy
  2. Forget it
  3. Gone to hell in a basket
  4. Who needs a baby
  5. I feel like flying away
  6. Country is
  7. Loneliest girl in the crowd
  8. Canadian women canadian clubs
  9. God came through bellville georgia
  10. Over the rainbow
Album: Country Songs For Children (1974) Lyrics
cd Buy "Country Songs For Children" CD
  1. Fox Hollow's Animal Train
  2. I Like To Feel Pretty Inside
  3. Let's Play Remember
  4. Ole Lonesome George The Basset
  5. You Are A Star (Brittni's Song)
Album: Songs Of Fox Hollow (1974) Lyrics
cd Buy "Songs Of Fox Hollow" CD
  1. Mysterious fox of fox hollow
  2. Sneaky snake
  3. How to talk to a little baby goat
  4. Barn dance
  5. I care
  6. Ole lonesome george the basset
  7. I wish i had a million friends
  8. Everybody loves to hear a bird sing
  9. Song of the one legged chicken
  10. I Love

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