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Album: Andalucia (2007) Lyrics
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  1. Missed Your Eyes
  2. It's My Mistake
  3. California Girl
  4. You're The One I Love
  5. Torn To Pieces
  6. Hey Hey Hey Whada Ya Say
  7. Bullets From A Gun
  8. Make Me
  9. My Power Is In Your Hands
  10. Ready Made
  11. Eddortless
  12. In Between
  13. Mexican Sky
  14. La Flor De Mal
  15. You're The One I Love (Malaga Acoustic Session)
  16. In Between (Malaga Acoustic Session)
  17. Make Me (Malaga Acoustic Session)
  18. Torn To Pieces (Malaga Acoustic Session)
  19. Mexican Sky (Malaga Acoustic Session)
Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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