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The Lord Weird Slough Feg Song Lyrics

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The Lord Weird Slough Feg

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CD Album  Ape Uprising (2009)
CD Album  Atavism (2005)
CD Album  Traveller (2003)
CD Album  Down Among The Deadmen (2000)
CD Album  Twilight Of The Idols (1999)
CD Album  The Lord Weird Slough Feg (1996)
CD Album  Other Songs H - T
Album: Ape Uprising (2009) Lyrics
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  1. The Hunchback Of Notre Doom
  2. Overborne
  3. Ape Uprising
  4. Simian Manifesto
  5. Shakedown At The Six
  6. White Cousin
  7. Ape Outro
  8. Nasty Hero
Album: Atavism (2005) Lyrics
cd Buy "Atavism" CD
  1. Robostus
  2. I Will Kill You / You Will Die
  3. Portcullis
  4. Hiberno-Latin Invasion
  5. Climax Of A Generation
  6. Atavism
  7. Eumaeus The Swineherd
  8. Curse Of Athena
  9. Agnostic Grunt
  10. High Season V
  11. Starport Blues
  12. Man Out Of Time
  13. Agony Slalom
  14. Atavism II
Album: Traveller (2003) Lyrics
cd Buy "Traveller" CD
  1. The Spinward Marches
  2. High Passage / Low Passage
  3. Asteroid Belts
  4. Professor's Theme
  5. Vargr Moon
  6. Vargr Theme / Confrontation
  7. Baltech's Lament
  8. Gene-ocide
  9. Curse Of Humaniti
  10. The Final Gambit
  11. The Spinward Marches (Return)
  12. Addendum Galactus
Album: Down Among The Deadmen (2000) Lyrics
cd Buy "Down Among The Deadmen" CD
  1. Sky Chariots
  2. Walls Of Shame
  3. Warriors Dawn
  4. Beast In The Broch
  5. Heavy Metal Monk
  6. Fergus Mac Roich
  7. Cauldron Of Blood
  8. Troll Pack
  9. Traders And Gunboats
  10. Psionic Illumination
  11. Marauder
  12. High Season
  13. Death Machine
Album: Twilight Of The Idols (1999) Lyrics
cd Buy "Twilight Of The Idols" CD
  1. Funeral March
  2. Highlander
  3. High Season II
  4. The Pangs Of Ulster
  5. Brave Connor Mac
  6. The Wickerman
  7. Slough Feg
  8. The Great Ice Wars
  9. Life In The Dark Age
  10. Warpspasm
  11. Bi-Polar Disorder
  12. The Wizard's Vengeance
  13. We'll Meet Again
  14. Untitled
Album: The Lord Weird Slough Feg (1996) Lyrics
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  1. Shadows Of The Unborn
  2. 20th Century Wretch
  3. Blarney Stone
  4. The Red Branch
  5. Why Not
  6. High Season Iii
  7. High Season Iv
  8. Highway Corsair
Album: Other Songs H - T Lyrics
cd Buy "Other Songs H - T" CD
  1. High Passage/Low Passage
  2. Tiger! Tiger!

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