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For The Last Time Lyrics

For The Last Time by The Cooper Temple Clause  

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For The Last Time I can't see you anymore
The tears have blocked my view
I think it's best that I don't see
Instead I'll keep the memory
Of you smiling back at me
My love

I can't believe this day has come
That we have lost and they have won
And we won't complete what we begun
It's vanished like the setting sun
But it won't be back to comfort us
To keep us warm when we've had enough

All that's left for me to say
I'm sorry it had to end this way
It's over

Just turn around and face the world
Laying low can take it's toll
This was your decision and your mistake
Her heart was never yours to take
It's time to say goodbye
How I wish that I would die
You had someone special someone true
Someone who really loved you

It's over

You used to light up the dark
You picked me up from the start
And now I'm lost without you
Nothing changes day after day
I hope that this is just a phase that I am going

It's time to walk yourself home
For the last time

It's over

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