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The Solution Lyrics

The Solution by The Brandos  

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The Solution You can't hide any longer
What he's doin' to you
It's no secret anymore
What he's puttin' you trough
Between a daddy and his daughter
Love should be strong
But he's twisted it into
Somethin' so very wrong

Baby we're so young
But I don't care
Gonna take you
Far away from here
Gonna mary you down
In Mexico way
Your nightmare's
Gonna end today
Baby we're so young
But I don't care
Got to get you
Out of there

My whole life's ahead
Of me it's true
But I'm willin' to cast
My whole lot with you
At seventeen
I'm far from being a man
But desperate times
They call for desperate plans


And when we get back
You're gonna be mine
And your dad will have to reckon
With me this time
I may be just a boy
But my hands ain't tied
Gonna keep my baby
Safe from you at night


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