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Supernatural (disney take 1 cd) Lyrics by That'S So Raven


Supernatural (disney take 1 cd) by That'S So Raven

Did you see a shooting star
'cross the sky spectacular (Yeah)
out in front, by the mile
radiating crazy style
The universe, comes to me,
I can make it look so ea-sy
Like a rare phenomenon
you can see the day but I see beyond

Chorus: When I get this feelin'
somethin's about to happen
with out any reason
it's supernatural
some people call it crazy
some things there's no explaining
just believe what you see
it's supernatural

I got the floor
I got the mic
livin' in this double life
welcome to another world
Magic's just a super-girl
don't know how I do what I do
but I can make it all come true
got the skills got the touch
got the sense I'm takin off


Maybe super-human
baby super strenth
like a force of nature
a hurricane
why does it matter
where I got it from
got my power on and I'm
go-in', go-in', Gone
Belive what you see
(oh-oh, yeah)


It's supernatural
It's supernatural
It's supernatural
it's supernatural
It's superna-tur-al