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Sylvia Lyrics

Sylvia List of Lyrics

Album: RCA Country Legends: Sylvia (2002) Lyrics
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Album: Pillow Talk Sensuous Sounds Of (1996) Lyrics
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  1. Not On The Outside
  2. Lat It On Me
  3. If You Get The Notion
  4. Sweet Stuff
  5. Pillow Talk
  6. You Sure Love To Ball
  7. Easy Evil
  8. Didn't I
  9. Next Time That I See You
  10. He Dont Ever Lose His Groove
  11. My Thing
  12. Pussy Cat
  13. Sunday
  14. Sho Nuff Boogie (Part I)
  15. Sweet Baby
  16. Private Performance
  17. L.A. Sunshine
  18. Automatic Lover
  19. It's Good To Be The Queen
  20. Give It Up In Vain
Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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