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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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  1. A beautiful life
  2. A few more seasons
  3. A few more years
  4. Life of sorrow
  5. Lonesome night
  6. Man of constant sorrow
  7. Vision of mother
  8. All i ever loved was you
  9. All the love i had is gone
  10. Angel band
  11. The Angels Are Singing
  12. Another night
  13. Are you afraid to die
  14. Baby girl
  15. Beautiful star of bethlehem
  16. Bootleg john
  17. Bound to ride
  18. Brand new tennessee waltz
  19. Bright morning stars
  20. Camping in canaan's land
  21. Cheap love affair
  22. Children go where i send thee
  23. Cotton eyed joe
  24. Could you love me one more time
  25. Cry from the cross
  26. Daniel prayed
  27. Darkest hour is just before dawn, the
  28. Death is only a dream
  29. Drunkard's hell
  30. East virginia blues
  31. Fields have turned brown, the
  32. Gathering flowers for the master's bouquet
  33. Green pastures
  34. Handsome molly
  35. Harbor of love
  36. Hemlocks and primroses
  37. Hills of roane county
  38. Home far away
  39. How mountain girls can love
  40. I am the man, thomas
  41. I am weary let me rest
  42. I don't want your ramblin letters
  43. I hear a choo choo
  44. I just got wise
  45. I just think i'll go away
  46. I love no one but your
  47. I only exist
  48. I'll love noone but you
  49. I'll meet you in church sunday morning
  50. I'll never grow tired of you
  51. I'll remember you love in my prayers
  52. I'm better off now that you're gone
  53. I'm lonesome without you
  54. I'm lost and i'll never find the way
  55. If i lose
  56. If that's the way you feel
  57. In despair
  58. It's never too late
  59. It's raining here this morning
  60. Jacob's ladder
  61. Jordan
  62. Katy daley
  63. Keep a memory
  64. Kneel at the cross
  65. Let me be your friend
  66. Let me walk lord by your side
  67. Let us be lover's again
  68. Let's go to the fair
  69. Let's part the best of friends
  70. Little benny
  71. Little glass of wine
  72. Little maggie
  73. Lonely tombs
  74. Lonesome river, the
  75. Lonesome without you - stanleys
  76. Long journey home
  77. Man in the middle, the
  78. Maple on the hill
  79. Medicine springs
  80. Meet me by the moonlight
  81. Memories of mother - stanleys
  82. Midnight storm
  83. Midnight train
  84. Mother no longer awaits me at home
  85. Mother's footsteps guide me on
  86. Mother's only sleeping
  87. My main trial is yet to come
  88. Na
  89. No burdens pass through
  90. No letter in the mail
  91. Nobody's business
  92. Nobody's darling on earth
  93. Nobody's love is like mine
  94. Oh death
  95. Old country church
  96. Old rattler
  97. Only way to say goodbye, the
  98. Our last goodbye
  99. Over in the glory land
  100. Pass me not
  101. Paul and silas
  102. Pig in a pen
  103. Poison lies
  104. Pretty little miss
  105. Pretty polly
  106. Rambling letters
  107. Rank strangers
  108. Riding on that midnight train
  109. Say won't you be mine
  110. Scarlet purple robe
  111. Sea of regret
  112. Shouting on the hills of glory
  113. Sit down with the lord and pray
  114. Sixteen years
  115. Stone walls and stell bars
  116. Sweeter than the flowers
  117. Sweetest love
  118. Sweethearts in heaven
  119. Take your shoes off moses
  120. That happy night
  121. The pale horse and his rider
  122. Think of what you've done
  123. This lonesome old feeling
  124. This weary heart you stole away
  125. Thy burdens are greater than mine
  126. Too late to cry
  127. Too sweet to last
  128. Tragic love
  129. Tragic romance
  130. Two more years
  131. We shall meet someday
  132. What about you
  133. When jesus beckons me home
  134. When my savior reached down
  135. When you go walking after midnight
  136. Where we never shall die
  137. White dove
  138. Who will call you sweetheart
  139. Who will sing for me
  140. Why me ralph
  141. Wicked path of sin
  142. Wild bill jones
  143. Will he wait a little longer
  144. Will the circle be unbroken
  145. Will you miss me
  146. Wings of angels
  147. Worried man blues
  148. You go to your church
  149. Your worries and troubles are mine
  150. Zion's hill
  151. Don't Cheat In Our Home Town
  152. Mountain Dew
  153. Over In The Gloryland

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