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Sonny James Lyrics

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Album: American Originals (1992) Lyrics
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Album: Need You (1967) Lyrics
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Album: Sonny (1957) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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  1. All my love all my life
  2. Are you lonesome tonight
  3. Big hurts came from little white lies
  4. Blue for you
  5. Burning bridges
  6. Do what you do do well
  7. Don't be angry
  8. Don't cut timber on a windy day
  9. Don't keep me hangin' on
  10. End of the world
  11. Every step of the way
  12. Gold and silver
  13. Goodbye maggie goodbye
  14. Happy memories
  15. He's everywhere
  16. I forgot more than you'll ever know
  17. I get fooled don't i
  18. I gotta have my baby back
  19. I guess i'm crazy (for loving you)
  20. I know
  21. I wish it hadn't happened
  22. I'll keep holding on (just to your love)
  23. I'll never be anything but in love with you
  24. I'll never find another you
  25. I'll never get over you
  26. I'll take care of you
  27. I'm getting gray from being blue
  28. I'm having a hard time (getting over you)
  29. In my blue room
  30. Invisible tears
  31. It doesn't matter anymore
  32. It's gonna rain some in my heart
  33. It's over
  34. It's the little things
  35. Just ask your heart
  36. Last time
  37. Least of all
  38. Let me live and love with you
  39. Love letters in the sand
  40. Love me like that
  41. Love me like there's no tomorrow
  42. The minute you're gone
  43. My love
  44. Now and then there's a fool such as i
  45. Old sweetheart of mine
  46. On the fingers of one hand
  47. Ramblin' rose
  48. Running
  49. Scars
  50. Somethin's got a hold on me
  51. Take me back
  52. There's always another day
  53. Three days out of omaha
  54. Three in a room
  55. Today is the end of the world
  56. Tommy brown
  57. True love's a blessing
  58. Twenty feet of muddy water
  59. Tying the pieces together
  60. Waterloo
  61. We're on our way
  62. When i'm gone
  63. Woodbine valley
  64. You're the only world i know
  65. Bright Lights, Big City
  66. Shina No Yoru
  67. Uh-Huh-Mm
  68. First Date, First Kiss, First Love
  69. That's Why I Love You Like I Do
  70. Running Bear
  71. Empty Arms
  72. Jenny Lou
  73. You Got That Touch
  74. Only The Lonely
  75. It's Just A Matter Of Time
  76. Born To Be With You
  77. Dawn
  78. Endlessly
  79. Apache
  80. You're The Reason I'm In Love
  81. Cat Came Back
  82. Since I Met You, Baby
Album: Sonny James - American Originals Lyrics
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