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Phasers on Kill Lyrics

Phasers on Kill by Screeching Weasel  

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Phasers on Kill (Weasel)
It seems to me you shut out anything that might confuse the warped and twisted
visions of the narrow little paths you choose we're all potential converts in
your eyes I think instead you need to take one step beyond cause right now
you're just standing on my head I swore a million times I'd never play this
game with you so don't act all offended when I tell you what I think of you
you mouth the party line you learned from all your newfound friends you tell
me that you're feet are on the ground but now you're standing on my head
another gang of whitebred privelaged kids is all I see I wonder if you really
think that all your rules spell anarchy react and call it revolution you're
stuck in the first step so don't pretend to be my friend when all you're
doing is standing on my head

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