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Bottom of the ninth - Screeching Weasel


Bottom of the ninth by Screeching Weasel

you've gotta have love in your heart and
you've gotta have pain in your life and you've
gotta have some vision and confusion for some
peace of mind. you've gotta respect what you
can't control 'cause you'll never even get to
second base when you're on your ass 'cause
you got brushed back when you crowded the
plate. you've gotta know when yo'ure all f**ked
up and when you're running a cheap game on
yourself 'cause you're only gonna make life
miserable for you and everyone else. if you
wanna get into a zone you're gonna have to
take risks on either side 'cause there's nothing
worse than getting called out looking
at the third strike with two outs in the
bottom of the ninth. you've gotta live your life.