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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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  1. Moonlight Densetsu
  2. Call My Name
  3. Carry On
  4. I Wanna Be a Star
  5. Its a New Day
  6. My Only Love
  7. Oh Starry Night
  8. Only a Memory Away
  9. Rainy Day Man
  10. Sailor Moon Theme
  11. Shes Got the Power
  12. (give me the strength to) carry on
  13. Abertura de sailor moon em português
  14. Ai no megami no how to love (the goddess of love's
  15. Ai no senshi
  16. Ai no senshi (warrior of love)
  17. Angel eyes
  18. At the begining
  19. Bye-bye -tte itta (chibi-usa's second theme)
  20. Cantonese opening
  21. Daddy's girl
  22. Eien no melody
  23. Goodbye
  24. Hono'o no sogeki-sha (flame sniper)
  25. I am sailormoon (peach hips version)
  26. I want to hold your hand (by beatles)
  27. In my dream- heart moving (mexican version)
  28. Kaze ni naritai (i want to become the wind)
  29. Kämpfe sailor moon(englsh version)
  30. Moon light destiny
  31. Moon revenge
  32. Moon revenge (original lyric)
  33. Moonlight densetsu (mexican version)
  34. Morning moon de aimashou (let's meet at morning mo
  35. Motto suteki na asa ga kuru yo
  36. My ony love
  37. Mystery sagashini
  38. Nothing at all
  39. Onaji namida o wakeatte (sharing the same tears)
  40. The power of love
  41. Rashiku ikimasho (i'll go with my looks)
  42. Real sugar baby
  43. Sailor moon
  44. Sailor moon (swedish theme)
  45. Sailor moon - sailor stars (english)
  46. Sailor moon 2
  47. Sailor moon ending song
  48. Sailor moon english opening theme (tv version)
  49. Sailor moon first outro (swedish)
  50. Sailor moon intro (english version)
  51. Sailor moon la luna splende
  52. Sailor star song
  53. Sailormoon intro (swedish)
  54. San-ji no yousei (insert song from ss movie)
  55. Someone to love
  56. Suki to itte (tell me you like me)
  57. Swedish sailor moon first intro (english translati
  58. Tuxedo mirage
  59. Tuxedo night
  60. Unmei wa utsukushiku (fate, beautifully)
  61. Who do you think you are?
  62. Will you miss me (when i'm gone)
  63. Yami koso utsukushii--darkness is beautiful
  64. You're just my love
  65. Yume o ijimenaide (chibi-usa's theme)
  66. Yumemiru-dake ja dame
  67. Braceface theme song
  68. C'est la vie
  69. Glittering sailor dream
  70. Initial u
  71. Kirari sera durimu
  72. Nagareboshi he (shooting star)
  73. Call My Name (And I'll Be There)
  74. La Soldier
  75. Sailor Moon Theme (reprise)

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