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Rx Bandits Lyrics

Rx Bandits List of Lyrics

Album: Mandala (2009) Lyrics
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  1. My Lonesome Only Friend
  2. It's Only Another Parsec...
  3. Hope Is A Butterfly, No Net Its Captor, She Beats Her Wings And Softly Sings Of Summer Scent And Childrens Laughter (Virus Of Silence)
  4. Hearts That Hanker For Mistake
  5. Mientras La Veo SoƱar
  6. March Of The Caterpillar
  7. White Lies
  8. Bury It Down Low
  9. Breakfast Cat
  10. Bled To Be Free (The Operation)
  11. Bring Our Children Home Or Everything Is Nothing
Album: ...And The Battle Begun (2006) Lyrics
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Album: The Resignation (2003) Lyrics
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Album: Progress (2001) Lyrics
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Album: Halfway Between Here And There (1999) Lyrics
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Album: Those Damn Bandits (1997) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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Album: Punk Goes Metal Lyrics
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  1. Holy Wars (Megadeth Cover)
  2. 13 Question Method
  3. 634-5789
  4. Alimony
  5. Archie's Funeral
  6. Archie's Funeral (Hold To God's Unchanging Hand)
  7. At The Dark End Of The Street
  8. Available Space
  9. Ax Sweet Mama
  10. Better Things To Think About
  11. Billy The Kid
  12. Boomer's Story
  13. Borderline
  14. Chan Chan
  15. Cherry Ball Blues
  16. Cole Younger Polka
  17. Comin' In On A Wing And A Prayer
  18. Crazy 'bout An Automobile
  19. Crazy 'bout An Automobile (Every Woman I Know)
  20. Dark End Of The Street
  21. Dark Is The Night
  22. Denomination Blues
  23. Do You Want My Job
  24. Don't Mess Up A Good Thing
  25. Down In Hollywood
  26. Down In The Boondocks
  27. Escape From Northfield
  28. F.D.R. In Trinidad
  29. Fool Who Knows
  30. Get Rhythm
  31. Go Home, Girl
  32. Goin' To Brownsville
  33. Good Morning Mr. Railroad Man
  34. Great Dream From Heaven
  35. He'll Have To Go
  36. Hey Porter
  37. Hold That Snake
  38. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live ?
  39. How Can You Keep On Moving
  40. How Can You Keep On Moving (Unless You Migrate Too)
  41. I Always Knew You Were The One
  42. I Can't Win
  43. I'm A Good Old Rebel
  44. I'm Drinking Again
  45. It's All Over Now
  46. Jesse James (Another Version)
  47. Jesus On The Mainline
  48. Johnny Porter
  49. Leaving Missouri
  50. Let's Have A Ball
  51. Look At Granny Run Run
  52. Low-Commotion
  53. Mama, Don't Treat Your Daughter Mean
  54. Maria Elena
  55. Married Man's A Fool
  56. Medley: Fool For A Cigarette/feelin' Good
  57. Mexican Divorce
  58. Money Honey
  59. On A Monday
  60. One Meat Ball
  61. Pig Meat
  62. President Kennedy
  63. Rally 'round The Flag
  64. Smack Dab In The Middle
  65. Speedo
  66. Tamp 'em Up Solid
  67. Taxes On The Farmer Feeds Us All
  68. That's The Way Love Turned Out To Be
  69. The Girls From Texas
  70. The Long Riders
  71. The Very Thing That Makes You Rich
  72. The Very Thing That Makes You Rich (Makes Me Poor)
  73. The Way We Make A Broken Heart
  74. Trouble You Can't Fool Me
  75. Volver, Volver
  76. Why Don't You Try Me
  77. Yellow Roses