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Im Sorry Lyrics

Im Sorry by R. Kelly  

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Im Sorry Chorus
said im sorry for everythin that i ever done to you
the apologies of a thug.
said im sorry for everythin that i ever done to you Baby

verse 1
Im sorry for all the times that i hurt ya, lied, cheated on ya I've
commited every crime except for murder. but you still didn't judge me
in fact you found a way to love me. Sometimes I commited my self and u still
you still tried and hug me. layed yo hands on me crying callin out to God
i lived with out these streets but ma it's so hard. im so starve. my monster is
so large. give me one bad luck if we load up. im sorry for even being so
conyving. cursin you out in public, drinking drunk drivin. girl i need you
to believe that i could make it better. im an indalion but please still believe could change
the weather.

chorus. x2

Im sorry that I was stormin out of the house. giving you them lame
exuses just to get out of the house. and i apologize for all of those times
that i made you cry. like when you bust me off with that girl and
still took my back. I could never forget that. all the pain and trouble
i caused you. never forget that every day at night i used to call you.
we were best friends. we put the chips all in. we bet that we would
never be seperated by no men. what i feel you feel. what i go through
you go through that's why i have no right to hurt you. and even whe
i was going through all that bull**** in the media. girl it was you
that made it easy. which is why I write this piece to ya.

said Im sorry for everything that i ever done to you (and im so sorry)
the apologies of a thug
said im sorry for everything that I ever done to you (oh yea yea)
said im sorry for everything that i ever done to you (so so sorry)
the apologies of a thug
and im sorry for everything that i ever done to you

im sorry for all of the times that i didnt take you out.
walk the park holding hands or a family cook outs. we were in
the same direction 'til i chose my own route. my life is a dead end
without you no doubt. i wanna be that new man inside for you that's
so great now i may not go to church every sunday but i always pray.
cuz my life is not tha same is like a buffet. quick to drink. quick to
smoke. quick to form a cane. but you've been beside me just like
my shadow. praying for me. standing on the front line ready to fight
battles. I cannot ask for more in a woman. what i need to do is give
back to my woman For now IM SORRy

chorus. x2

baby i apologize never ment to make you cry can you find it
in your heart. some where girl today we might.

chorus. x5

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