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Posession Is Five Counts Lyrics

Posession Is Five Counts by Reisa L. Gerber  

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Posession Is Five Counts Posession is Five Counts

Posession is five counts of the law-
I think I'll go for broke
Sitting there eating my doughnut, I spoke
Out loud to noone
And I wondered what he thinks
But there was no way I could ask him,
So I let it go.

He's always in my thoughts,
I don't know-
He just sparks me the right way
And I'm always ready to let him go-
But maybe sometime, he'll stay,
And tell me what he thinks-
But there aint no way I can ask him,
Got to let it go!

"Jesus Christ", they nailed him to the cross-
Was he only human?
Blood was dripping from his wounds,
Innocent of wrongdoing.
G-d owes me a new direction,
G-d owes me a resurrection,
But there's no way I can ask Him,
Got to let it go.

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