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Beautiful Lyrics by Reisa L. Gerber


Beautiful by Reisa L. Gerber

Inside the room, she takes her time-
Jealousy and hatred running through her mind-
They must have known the answer
When they said that love is blind,
'Cause she just couldn't see-
No, she would not see
If this is your life, that's beautiful to you
I know you have to be what you have to be-
But even in the hurt and the pain
I put you through-
Maybe someday something will be beautiful
To me, too.
Pity me the rustic life the city couldn't handle,
The emptiness that motivates
Those lonely, tired commands-
But now that it's all over,
Noone really knows the truth
I wanted you to feel the pain
Of some things I've been through.
There's a kind of true relief,
I felt every now and then
In those days it was "Oh My God!"
Just going in for ten-
Everybody had an alibi
But what could they have done?
The world, it wants the very best
So you get next to none.
Don't start....

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