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Ray Stevens Lyrics

Ray Stevens List of Lyrics

Album: We The People (2010) Lyrics
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  1. We The People
  2. Caribou Barbie
  3. Stand Up
  4. Three Fractured Factions
  5. Dear Andy Griffith
  6. The Global Warming Song
  7. Let's Roll
  8. Solar Powered Song
  9. Fly Over Country
  10. We Are The Government
  11. The Fallen Ones
  12. Come To The U.s.a.
  13. If 10% Is Good Enough For Jesus
  14. Kings And Queens
  15. Obama Nation
  16. Throw The Bums Out
  17. Sucking Sound
  18. Safe At Home
  19. Thank You
  20. Pleade Of Allegiance / Star Spangled Banner
  21. Mr. Businessman
  22. Midnight In Baghdad
Album: Box Set (2006) Lyrics
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  1. It's Me Again, Margaret
  2. Too Drunk to Fish
  3. Freudian Slip
  4. Sittin' Up With The Dead
  5. Everything Is Beautiful
  6. Power Tools
  7. Drivers Education
  8. Hang Up And Drive
  9. Ahab The Arab
  10. The Ballad Of The Blue Cyclone / The Beginning
  11. Blue Angel
  12. The Ballad Of The Blue Cyclone / The End?
  13. Pledging My Love
  14. The Woogie Boogie
  15. Love Will Beat Your Brains Out
  16. The Haircut Song
  17. The Streak
  18. The Mississippi Squirrel Revival
  19. Family Funeral Fight
  20. Deerslayer
  21. Safe At Home
  22. Boogie Woogie
  23. Virgil And The Moonshot
  24. The Hustler
  25. Osama Yo' Mama
  26. Hello Mama
  27. Let's Roll
  28. We're Havin' A Baby
  29. When The Kids Are Gone
  30. Turn Your Radio On
  31. Kitty Cat's Revenge
  32. Juanita & The Kids
  33. Thank You
  34. Shriner's Convention
  35. Nashville
  36. Erik The Awful
  37. The Dog Song
  38. The Cat Song
  39. The Pirate Song
  40. Come On Home To Baseball
  41. Gitarzan
  42. Bridget The Midget
  43. Bon Temps Roulette
  44. Freddie Feelgood / And His Funky Little Five Piece Band
  45. Gone For Good
  46. Stand Up
  47. The King Of Christmas
  48. Be Your Own Best Friend
  49. Jeremiah Peabody's Poly Unsaturated Quick Dissolving Fast Acting Pleasant Tasting Green And Purple..
Album: Ray Stevens: Collection (2003) Lyrics
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Album: All-Time Hits (1996) Lyrics
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Album: Greatest Gospel Songs (1996) Lyrics
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  1. I'll Fly Away
  2. Love Lifted Me
  3. Have A Little Talk With Myself
  4. Turn Your Radio On
  5. Oh Will There Be Any Stars
  6. Why Don't You Lead Me To That Rock
  7. Glory Special
  8. A Brighter Day
  9. Let Your Love Be A Light Unto The People
  10. A Mama And A Papa
  11. All My Trials
  12. Yes, Jesus Loves Me
  13. Everything Is Beautuful
Album: Twenty Comedy Hits Special Col (1995) Lyrics
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  1. The Streak
  2. Shriner's Convention
  3. Gitarzan
  4. Ahab The Arab
  5. Bridget The Midget (Queen Of The Blues)
  6. Super Cop
  7. The All-American Two Week Summer Family Vacation
  8. The Ballad Of Jake McClusky
  9. The Motel Song
  10. Teenage Mutant Kung Fu Chickens
  11. Tabloid News
  12. Back In The Doghouse Again
  13. A Little Blue-Haired Lady
  14. Sittin' Up With The Dead
  15. Jack Daniels,You Lied To Me Again
  16. Help Me Make It Through The Night
  17. Used Cars
  18. Barbeque
  19. Where Do My Socks go?
  20. This Ain't Exactly What I Had In Mind
Album: Collection (1993) Lyrics
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Album: All-Time Greatest Hits (1990) Lyrics
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Album: Crackin' Up! (1987) Lyrics
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Album: Ray Stevens' Greatest Hits (1987) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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