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It's About That Money

by Puff Daddy. Buy album CD: Other Songs 2 - W

Yo Short man
I was with this chick last night
She was like, hey Diddy, ummm Diddy
Why you so motherfuckin' fly
I had to tell her bitch I'm just about that paper beotch

[Female Singer] (Puffy)
It's about that paper
(Make it hot)
If it's about that bullshit
(Make it stop)
If you got that paper we can roll
No time for hataz , gotta go

[Too Short]
I flew to L.A. just last week
Jumped in the limo, checked in the suite
Made a few calls, it's time to go
Bust a few rhymes at the studio
You know I don't do it for the love of it
I love it but I do it for the love I get
Big checks, you think the sex is next
When I left the studio
I had to go do a show for the ten with the triple zeros
That's why I never flipped with kilos
Flew up to the bay, then back to Georgia
Had to catch a flight to Tallahassee, Florida
I did a show at the Kapa luau
Short dog what'cha about to do now?
I'm getting money, caught a flight to New York
Just another day in the life of Too Short

1 - [Female Singer] (Puffy)
It's about that paper
(Make it hot)
If it's about that bullshit
(Make it stop)
If you got that paper we can roll
No time for hataz , gotta go
It's about that money
(Make it hot)
Got to keep it coming
(Make it stop)
Niggaz hate us all day long
(We can roll)
Cause we get our paper all night long
(Gotta go)

Everything I do is a world premiere
I know you're not trying to front girl come here
I get up early in the morning work late at night
So when you talk about me you say it right
I get my pimp on whenever I get on
Pop, Rock, Rap, R&B it's a hit song
I keep it moving no matter what your age
Bitches screaming out "Puff Daddy's on stage"
Breaking necks, cashing checks
When I'm not making money I'm having sex
International, superstar
People wanna know just who you are
I'm that laid jet rider
Mansion residing
If I throw a party you'll be dancing all night and
Let's have some fun girl, it's ok
I work hard now it's time to play
Come on

Repeat 1

[Too Short]
I did a lot of work for the homies for the low-low
But I doing that kind of shit no more
Ask Puff, fuck all that retirement stuff
I work to hard so the price went up
I'm charging fifty for sixteen bars now
If you want a whole song it's a hundred thou
Is it worth it? I ain't no crook
A hundred thousand dollars might get you a hook
From this nigga right here, I know you know
And you gotta pay extra for the video
So cut the check for the right amount
If not, you can wire it to my account
The only other way is to pay me cash
And ain't nothing wrong with that
In fact give me the scratch in big stacks
Cause you're fucking with a real mack bitch get back
Back, bitch get back, back
Said bitch, said bitch said get your motherfuckin' ass back
That's right

Repeat 1

[Too Short] (Puffy)
That's right
So if you want me to do a guest appearance on your next album
Just remember one thing
It's gonna cost you man'
Cause we gettin' our money on
That's right Short Dog in the house
(Yeah) P Diddy in the house
Short Records, Bad Boy (Bad Boy)
Yeah that's right

2 - [Female Singer]
Too Short, Too Short
Gotta make that money
2000 Watts, 2000 Watts
Gotta make that money
Bad Boy, Bad Boy
Gotta cash that money
Gotta make that money, money
Gotta take, gotta make, gotta catch that money, money

Repeat 2

[Puff Daddy]
Yeah, yeah

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