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Norma Jean Lyrics

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Album: Meridional (2010) Lyrics
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Album: The Anti Mother (2008) Lyrics
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Album: VS The Anti Mother (2008) Lyrics
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Album: Redeemer (2006) Lyrics
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  1. A Grand Scene For A Color Film
  2. Blueprints For Future Homes
  3. A Small Spark vs. A Great Forest
  4. A Temperamental Widower
  5. The End Of All Things Will Be Televised
  6. Songs Sound Much Sadder
  7. The Longest Lasting Statement
  8. Amnesty Please
  9. Like Swimming Circles
  10. Cemetery Like A Stage
  11. No Passenger: No Parasite
Album: Masters Of Horror (2005) Lyrics
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Album: O' God The Aftermath (2005) Lyrics
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Album: Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child (2002) Lyrics
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Album: Throwing Myself (2001) Lyrics
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  1. Local 1145
  2. Black Smith
  3. The "Anni Hilat" Ion
  4. Light Blue Collar
  5. Patiently Philadelphia
  6. 100 Powell
  7. An Act Of My Own Volition
  8. Last Breath / First
  9. Catharsis
  10. Petty Larson
  11. For Shadows
  12. A Chase In The Crowd
Album: 5 (2000) Lyrics
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  1. Body Of God
  2. My Closet
  3. Eeyore
  4. Diaphuego
  5. I Convenant, I'm Yours
Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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  1. A-11
  2. All i've got left
  3. All of me belongs to you
  4. Always a bridesmaid
  5. Amigo's guitar
  6. An act of my own
  7. Anita you're dreaming
  8. Another man loved me last night
  9. Back to hers
  10. Box it came in
  11. Bye bye love
  12. Chapel bells
  13. Coal miner's daughter
  14. Coat of many colors
  15. Come sundown
  16. Company's comin'
  17. Conscience keep an eye on me
  18. Country music has gone to town
  19. Crazy arms
  20. Crying time
  21. Dime at a time
  22. Don't come home a drinkin'
  23. Don't let that doorknob hit you
  24. Don't put your hands on me
  25. Don't put your hurt in my heart
  26. Don't touch me
  27. Dooley
  28. Eat drink and be merry (tomorrow you'll cry)
  29. Fairy tale
  30. Farther along
  31. From the church to the barroom
  32. Future ex-mrs jones
  33. Game of triangles
  34. Gathering in the sky
  35. Go cat go
  36. Great speckled bird
  37. Guess i'll move on down the line
  38. Happy you lonely me
  39. Harper valley p.t.a.
  40. He thinks i still care
  41. He's gone gone gone
  42. Heartbreak u.s.a.
  43. Heaven help the working girl
  44. Heaven's just a prayer away
  45. Heavenly
  46. Here comes my baby back again
  47. Here we go again
  48. Hey good lookin'
  49. Home made love
  50. Homesick
  51. Honolulu queen
  52. Howdy neighbor howdy
  53. Hundred dollar funeral
  54. Hungry eyes
  55. I can't believe that you've stopped loving me
  56. I can't leave him
  57. I can't sleep with you
  58. I cried all the way to the bank
  59. I cried myself awake
  60. I didn't mean it
  61. I don't claim to be an angel
  62. I don't love you anymore
  63. I got you
  64. I guess that comes from being poor
  65. I heard the jukebox playing
  66. I just came to smell the flowers
  67. I saw the light
  68. I thought i heard you calling my name
  69. I threw away the rose
  70. I wish i didn't have to miss you
  71. I'm gonna walk and talk with my lord
  72. I'm no longer in your heart
  73. I've enjoyed as much of this as i can stand
  74. I've got a tiger by the tail
  75. If it's all the same to you
  76. In the park after dark
  77. Is anybody going to san antone
  78. It wasn't god who made honky tonk angels
  79. It's a little more like heaven
  80. It's not love (but it's not bad)
  81. Jackson ain't a very big town
  82. Just like i knew
  83. Just treat me kind
  84. Let's go all the way
  85. Life's railway to heaven
  86. Lonesome no.1
  87. Lord knows i'm drinking
  88. Lord must have loved the poor folks
  89. Love's a woman's job
  90. Love's gonna live here
  91. Make the world go away
  92. Making believe
  93. Meanwhile down at joe's
  94. Memories from the past
  95. Misery loves company
  96. Mommy for a day
  97. My baby's not here (in town tonight)
  98. No another time
  99. No one's gonna hurt you anymore
  100. Now it's every night
  101. Once a day
  102. Once more i'll let you in
  103. One among the three of us
  104. One way ticket to the blues
  105. Only way to hold your man
  106. Pick me up on your way down
  107. Please don't hurt me
  108. Po' folks
  109. Precious memories
  110. Promises promises
  111. Pursuing happiness
  112. Put your arms around her
  113. Ramblin' man
  114. Recipe for marriage (on the rocks)
  115. Ride ride ride
  116. Right or wrong (i'll be with you)
  117. Rose garden
  118. Searching (for someone just like you)
  119. Shirt
  120. Slowly
  121. Somebody's gonna plow your field
  122. Someplace to cry
  123. Still
  124. Stoned again
  125. Teddy bear song
  126. That song writin' man (has wrote my mind)
  127. Then go home to her
  128. There won't be any patches in heaven
  129. There's a higher power
  130. Three ways (to love you)
  131. Throw your hat in first
  132. Tippy toeing
  133. To get to you
  134. Together again
  135. Tramp on the street
  136. Truck drivin' woman
  137. Try being lonely
  138. Unloved unwanted
  139. Walk through this world with me
  140. Welcome home to nothing
  141. What does a poor girl do
  142. What kind of a girl (do you think i am)
  143. What locks the door
  144. What more can i do
  145. What would you do (if jesus come to your house)
  146. Where the roses never fade
  147. Which one is to blame
  148. Why
  149. Why don't you love me
  150. Wife of the party
  151. Will you be here tomorrow
  152. Woman hungry
  153. Woman in love
  154. Woman's gotta make a stand
  155. Yesterday all day long today
  156. You ain't woman enough (to take my man)
  157. You changed everything about me but my name
  158. You don't hear
  159. You have to be out of your mind
  160. You lay so easy on my mind
  161. You wouldn't know love
  162. You're at your best (when you lie)
  163. You're driving me out of my mind
  164. Your alibi called today
  165. Your elusive dreams
  166. Your old love letters
  167. Scientifiction: A Clot Of Tragedy: A Swarm Of Dedication
  168. Vertebraille: Choke That Thief Called...
  169. Scientifiction: I. A Clot Of Tragedy - Ii. A Swarm Of Dedication
  170. Scientifiction: I. A Clot Of Tragedy Ii. A...
  171. Coffinspire: Multitudes, Multitudes In The...
  172. I Used To Hate Cell Phones, But Now I Hate...
  173. Charactarantula: Talking To You And The...
  174. Creating Something Out Of Nothing
  175. Cemetary Like A Stage
  176. Dilemachine