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Michelle Branch Lyrics

Michelle Branch List of Lyrics

Album: West Coast Time (2011) Lyrics
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Album: Everything Comes And Goes (2010) Lyrics
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  1. Ready To Let You Go
  2. Long Goodbye
  3. Texas In The Mirror
  4. Sooner Or Later
  5. Eveything Comes And Goes
  6. Crazy Ride
  7. This Way
  8. Pretty Little Lying Eyes
  9. Jack And Jim
  10. Take A Chance
  11. Summertime
  12. Through The Radio
Album: Breathe - Single (2003) Lyrics
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Album: Hotel Paper (2003) Lyrics
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Album: The Spirit Room (2001) Lyrics
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Album: Broken Bracelet (1999) Lyrics
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Album: 2008 Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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  1. 'Til I Get Over You (Hotel Paper)
  2. 'Til I Get Over You [Track12]
  3. All You Wanted (Acoustic)
  4. Amanda
  5. Are You Happy Now (Jellojess Rox)
  6. Are You Happy Now (The Right Lyrics)
  7. Are You Happy Now (The Right One)
  8. Are You Happy Now? (Album: Hotel Paper)
  9. Are You Happy Now? (Hotel Paper)
  10. Are You Happy Now? (That Correct Lyrics Are Finall
  11. Are You Happy Now? (The Real Lyrics)
  12. Are You Happy Now? (The Real Lyrics, Read These!)
  13. Are You Happy Now? La La La....
  14. Are You Happy Now? That I've Corrected The Lyrics
  15. Beautiful Goodbye
  16. Breathe (Hotel Paper)
  17. Bring It On Cheer
  18. Buffy
  19. Do Ya Love Me
  20. Empty Handed (Hotel Paper)
  21. Empty Handed (The Real Lyrics)
  22. Everywhere- En Todas Partes
  23. Find You Way Back
  24. Fing Your Way Back
  25. Game Of Love (Michelle Branch Ft. Santana)
  26. Game Of Love, Santana Feat. Michelle Branch
  27. Gess That's How
  28. Goodbye To You (Adios A Ti)
  29. Hotel Paper (Hotel Paper)
  30. I'll Be Right There (Remix)
  31. If Only She Knew (Slow Version)
  32. Love Me Like That (Duet W/Sheryl Crow)
  33. Love Me Like That (Feat. Sheryl Crow)
  34. My Holy Death Day
  35. One Of These Days (Hotel Paper)
  36. Place Nearby
  37. R U Happy Now?
  38. Second Chances (Good Version)
  39. Something To Sleep To (Full Version)
  40. Stranded
  41. The Game Of Love-Feat. Santana
  42. U Get Me
  43. Where Are You Now? (Hotel Paper)
  44. Without Me
  45. Without You (With Justincase)
  46. You Get Me (One You Can Actually Click On)
  47. About love
  48. Angels and ashtrays
  49. Do you love me
  50. Don't look back
  51. Earlier today
  52. Famous last words
  53. Go team go
  54. I can save you
  55. It's always been you
  56. Lay me down
  57. Love yourself
  58. Piece by piece
  59. Push it all away
  60. The first times
  61. The morning after
  62. Without you (w/ justincase)
  63. Are you happy now (the right
  64. Are you happy now? (that correct
  65. Are you happy now? (the real
  66. Are you happy now? good song
  67. Are you happy now? that i've corrected the
  68. Empty handed (the real
  69. Happy now
  70. Luv ur self
  71. My own worst enemy
  72. Need to be next to you
  73. Pretty baby
  74. Without you (feat. justincase)
  75. You get what you give
  76. You hold my heart
  77. Without you/featuring justincase
  78. Without you
  79. Hold My Heart (Acoustic)
  80. The Good Kind (Feat. Jessica Harp)
  81. White Houses
  82. I'm Feeling You Ft. Santana
  83. Nobody's Home (Avril Lavigne Cover)
  84. Leave The Pieces (The Wreckers)
  85. Collide
  86. Fall
  87. Hold My Heart
  88. I'm Feeling You
  89. On The Train
  90. Standing On The Edge
  91. Take A Chance On Me
  92. The Game Of Love
  93. Wanting Out
Album: Remembering Patsy Cline Lyrics
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