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Michael Martin Murphey Lyrics

Michael Martin Murphey List of Lyrics

Album: Buckaroo Blue Grass (2009) Lyrics
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Album: Lone Wolf (2009) Lyrics
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  1. Nothing Is Your Own
  2. Paradise Tonight
  3. No Man's Land
  4. Loners
  5. Arrows In The Darkness
  6. Hard To Live Together
  7. Night Patrol
  8. Loving Time
  9. Song Dog
Album: Land Of Enchantment (2003) Lyrics
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Album: River Of Time (2003) Lyrics
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Album: Sagebrush Symphony (1995) Lyrics
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  1. Cowboy Logic
  2. (I Hang) On Your Every Word
  3. (I'll Be Your) Angel
  4. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
  5. Ain't That Peculiar
  6. All In Love Is Fair
  7. Angel
  8. Angels We Have Heard On High
  9. Baby, I'm For Real
  10. Blink Of An Eye
  11. By Heart
  12. Children Go Where I Send Thee
  13. Distant Lover
  14. Don't Let Me Down
  15. Everlasting
  16. Every Time Christmas Comes Around
  17. For A Child
  18. Get The Word Started
  19. Hey Girl
  20. Higher Ground
  21. Homeboy
  22. House Full Of Love
  23. How Sweet It Is
  24. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
  25. I Believe
  26. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)
  27. I Can Let Go Now
  28. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
  29. I Keep Forgettin'
  30. I Keep Forgettin' (Everytime You're Near)
  31. I Second That Emotion
  32. I Was Made To Love Her
  33. If That's What It Takes
  34. It Keeps You Runnin'
  35. Lonely Talk
  36. Losin' End
  37. Lost In The Parade
  38. Love Can Break Your Heart
  39. Love Lies
  40. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
  41. Maria
  42. Matters Of The Heart
  43. Mercy, Mercy Me
  44. Mercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology)
  45. Minute By Minute
  46. Minute By Minute (Dobbie Brothers)
  47. More To Us Than That
  48. No Amount Of Reason
  49. No Lookin' Back
  50. No More Prayin'
  51. No Such Luck
  52. On Christmas Morning
  53. On My Own
  54. On This Night
  55. On Your Every Word
  56. One Gift
  57. Our Love
  58. Peace
  59. Playin' By The Rules
  60. Reach Out, I'll Be There
  61. Real Love
  62. Searchin' For Understanding
  63. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
  64. Someday You Will
  65. Stop, Look, Listen
  66. Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)
  67. Take It To Heart
  68. Takin' It To The Streets
  69. Tear It Up
  70. That's Why
  71. The Meaning Of Love
  72. This Is It (feat. Kenny Loggins)
  73. To Make A Miracle
  74. Too High
  75. Tuesday Heartbreak
  76. What A Fool Believe
  77. What A Fool Believes (Dobbie Brothers)
  78. What Makes A Man Hold On
  79. What's Going On
  80. White Christmas / Winter Wonderland
  81. World Out Of A Dream
  82. You Belong To Me
  83. You Can't Make It Love
  84. You Don't Know Me
  85. You Show Me
Album: Cowboy Songs III: Rhymes Of The Renegades (1993) Lyrics
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Album: Cowboy Songs (1990) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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