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Near Death Expirience Lyrics by Massacra


Near Death Expirience by Massacra

I've had a sensation
Of leaving my body
I felt death's attraction
It was waiting for me
In death agony
Near death expirience
Drawn into a tuunel
I've heard awful moanings
I thought I was in hell
Cries, screams and demoniac wailings
At death's door
Near death expirience
I saw a bright light
In black door
I saw my past life
Screaming in horror
Shock/Desperate struggle
Fight against my life
Back into the tunnel
I've heard my lies
Out of my body
Near death expirience
With all my strenght of will
I've regained consciousness
It gave me quite a thrill
I escaped from the nothingness
Realm of death
Near death expirience