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Lord Of The Rings

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CD Album  Lotr - The Return Of The King (2003)
CD Album  Lotr - The Two Towers (2002)
CD Album  Lotr - The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001)
CD Album  Other Songs 3 - T
Album: Lotr - The Return Of The King (2003) Lyrics
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  1. A storm is coming
  2. Andúril
  3. Ash and smoke
  4. Cirith ungol
  5. Hope and memory
  6. Hope fails
  7. Into the west
  8. Minas morgul
  9. Minas tirith
  10. Shelob's lair
  11. The black gate opens
  12. The end of all things
  13. The fields of the pelennor
  14. The grey havens
  15. The return of the king
  16. The ride of the rohirrim
  17. The steward of gondor
  18. The white tree
  19. Twilight and shadow
Album: Lotr - The Two Towers (2002) Lyrics
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  1. Breath of life
  2. Evenstar
  3. Forð eorlingas
  4. Foundations of stone
  5. Gollum's song
  6. Helm's deep
  7. Isengard unleashed
  8. Samwise the brave
  9. The black gate is closed
  10. The forbidden pool
  11. The hornburg
  12. The king of the golden hall
  13. The leave taking
  14. The passage of the marshes
  15. The riders of rohan
  16. The taming of sméagol
  17. The uruk-hai
  18. The white rider
  19. Treebeard
Album: Lotr - The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001) Lyrics
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  1. A journey in the dark
  2. A knife in the dark
  3. Amon hen
  4. At the sign of the prancing pony
  5. Concerning hobbits
  6. Flight to the ford
  7. Lothlórien
  8. Many meetings
  9. May it be
  10. The black rider
  11. The breaking of the fellowship
  12. The bridge of khazad dûm
  13. The council of elrond feat. aníron
  14. The great river
  15. The prophecy
  16. The ring goes south
  17. The shadow of the past
  18. The treason of isengard
Album: Other Songs 3 - T Lyrics
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  1. 'Rock And Pool'
  2. All shall fade
  3. Aníron (theme for aragorn and arwen)
  4. Aragorn (Featured In The Breath Of Life)
  5. Arwen's Song
  6. Arwen's song (the return of the king see)
  7. Drinking song 2 - lord of the rings
  8. Dust And Shadow
  9. Éowyn's dirge (the two towers see)
  10. Eowyn's funeral song
  11. Eowyn's Lament
  12. Gollum's the forbidden pool song
  13. Haldir's lament
  14. Hobbit drinking song book version
  15. Hobbit drinking song movie version
  16. In dreams (featured in 'the breaking of the fellow
  17. Into the west (the return of the king)
  18. Madame guillotine (revised version)
  19. May it be (the fellowship of the ring)
  20. Merry & pippin drinking song
  21. Pippin's song
  22. Song to tinuviel
  23. The destruction of the ring
  24. The Ents (Featured In Isengard Unleased)
  25. The forbidden pool by golum
  26. The Mearas
  27. The Missing

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