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American Cheese (jerry's Pianto) Lyrics

American Cheese (jerry's Pianto) by King's X  

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American Cheese (jerry's Pianto) I know that for at least a thousand years
I haven't tried
And I know that for maybe ten or
twelve long years,
I've seen you cry...
And I know that
where the chains of doom are kept
I find my shoes
And I know that
Gotta save myself again
Win or lose.
I know that the pressure of the world is sin.
Don't ask me why.
And I know that it comes in ways
that can't begin
to pay the price.
Tell me you've seen around the world
Tell me you
crawled inside my tomb,
became all knowing,
then slithered down the reins
to hide some more.
Turn away from me
All my pride
All my time
And when you washed away
all of the indications,
All my pride
All my time
All my pride
All my time
All my pride
All my crime...

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