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Album: Anthology (Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius) [Renaissance] (2000) Lyrics
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  1. Born believer
  2. Don't bother to knock
  3. Fall softly snow
  4. Fools
  5. Have i told you lately that i love you
  6. I don't want to have to marry you
  7. I'll never be free
  8. I'm leaving it all up to you
  9. I've rode with the best
  10. If it ain't love by now
  11. If the world ran out of love tonight
  12. Lying in love with you
  13. Morning comes too early
  14. One man woman, one woman man
  15. Saying hello, saying i love you, saying goodbye
  16. The bedroom
  17. There's always a goodbye
  18. What cha doin' after midnight, baby
  19. You don't bring me flowers
  20. You're the part of me
Album: Family Bible [Step One] (1996) Lyrics
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Album: The Essential Jim Ed Brown And The Browns [Rca] (1996) Lyrics
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Album: The Three Bells (Disk 01) [Bear Family] (1993) Lyrics
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  1. (just a lot of) sweet talk
  2. Cool green
  3. Do memories haunt me
  4. Don't tell me your troubles
  5. Draggin' main street
  6. Getting used to being lonely
  7. Goo goo dada
  8. Here today and gone tomorrow
  9. I can't see for looking
  10. I guess i'm crazy
  11. I take the chance
  12. I'll hold you in my heart
  13. I'm in heaven
  14. I'm your man, i'm your gal
  15. It's love i guess
  16. Itsy witsy bitsy me
  17. Jungle magic
  18. Just as long as you love me
  19. Lookin' on feat. abbott singers
  20. Looking back to see
  21. Man with a plan
  22. My isle of golden dreams
  23. Preview of the blues
  24. Rio de janeiro
  25. Set the dawgs on 'em
  26. Sky princess
  27. The grass is green feat. abbott singers
  28. The last thing that i want
  29. Why am i falling
  30. You thought, i thought
  31. Your love is as wild as the west wind
Album: The Three Bells (Disk 02) [Bear Family] (1993) Lyrics
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  1. Ain't no way in this world
  2. Be my love
  3. Behave yourself, jose
  4. Beyond the shadow
  5. Blues stay away from me
  6. Crazy dreams
  7. Don't use the word lightly
  8. Dream on (she'll break your heart)
  9. Heaven fell last night
  10. How can it be imagination
  11. I heard the bluebirds sing
  12. Indian love call
  13. It takes a long, lone train with a red caboose (to
  14. Just in time
  15. Land of golden dreams
  16. Love is in season
  17. Money
  18. Only one way to love you
  19. The man in the moon
  20. The table next to me
  21. The three bells
  22. The trot
  23. This time i would know
  24. True love goes far beyond
  25. Unchained melody
  26. Wake up jonah
  27. Waltz of the angels
  28. We should be together
  29. Where did the sunshine go?
  30. Would you care?
  31. You'll always be in my heart
  32. Your pretty blue eyes
Album: The Three Bells (Disk 03) [Bear Family] (1993) Lyrics
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Album: The Three Bells (Disk 04) [Bear Family] (1993) Lyrics
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  1. Blue christmas
  2. Blues in my heart
  3. Brighten the corner where you are
  4. Chandelier of stars
  5. Clementine
  6. Columbus stockade blues
  7. Down in the valley
  8. Down on the old plantation
  9. Greenwillow christmas
  10. Ground hog
  11. High noon (do not forsake me)
  12. In the pines
  13. John b. sail
  14. Lavender blue
  15. Lonely little robbin
  16. My pretty quadroon
  17. Nevada
  18. Poor wayfaring stranger
  19. Poor wildwood flower
  20. Remember me (i'm the one who loves you)
  21. Revenge
  22. Send me the pillow that you dream on
  23. Shenandoah
  24. The bandit
  25. The old village choir
  26. The twelfth of never
  27. The wayward wind
  28. The whiffenpoof song
  29. This land is your land
  30. Where was i (when we became strangers)
  31. Who's gonna shoe your pretty little feet?
  32. You're so much a part of me
Album: The Three Bells (Disk 05) [Bear Family] (1993) Lyrics
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  1. (prayer is the key to heaven) faith unlocks the do
  2. Alpha and omega
  3. An evening prayer
  4. Angel's dolly
  5. Buttons and bows
  6. Child of the king
  7. Dear teresa
  8. Everlasting
  9. Foolish pride
  10. Forty shades of green
  11. How great thou art
  12. In the garden
  13. Is it make believe
  14. It's just a little heartache
  15. Just as i am
  16. Lord, i'm coming home
  17. My baby's gone
  18. My latest sun is sinking fast
  19. No love at all
  20. Oh no
  21. Remember me (i'm the one who loves you)
  22. The church in the wildwood
  23. The old master painter
  24. The twelfth rose
  25. They call the wind maria
  26. Watching my world fall apart
  27. When they ring those golden bells
  28. Where no one stands alone
  29. Whispering hope
  30. Whispering pine
Album: The Three Bells (Disk 06) [Bear Family] (1993) Lyrics
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  1. Anna
  2. Blowin' in the wind
  3. Circuit ridin' preacher
  4. Don't let the stars get in your eyes
  5. Fair and tender ladies
  6. Four walls
  7. Great speckled bird
  8. Half breed
  9. I know my place
  10. Johnny, i hardly knew you
  11. Looking back to see
  12. Love don't pass me by
  13. Mansion on the hill
  14. Mister and mississippi
  15. Mommy please stay home with me
  16. My baby doesn't love me anymore
  17. My destiny
  18. Pirouge
  19. Sugarfoot rag
  20. Tangled web
  21. The grass is red
  22. The gun, the gold, the girl
  23. The happy fool
  24. The outskirts of town
  25. The rhumba boogie
  26. The young land
  27. Then i'll stop loving you
  28. Tobacco road
  29. Tragic romance
  30. Wondering
  31. You nearly lose your mind
  32. You're easy to remember
Album: The Three Bells (Disk 07) [Bear Family] (1993) Lyrics
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  1. A little to much to dream
  2. A million miles from nowhere
  3. Big daddy
  4. Born to be with you
  5. Everybody's darlin' plus mine
  6. Gone
  7. I can't stand it (as long as you can)
  8. I feel like crying
  9. I take the chance
  10. I will bring you water
  11. I'd just be fool enough (to fall)
  12. I'm so lonesome i could cry
  13. June is as cold as december
  14. Little boy blue
  15. Maker of raindrops and roses
  16. Making plans
  17. Maybe tomorrow
  18. Meadow green
  19. No sad songs for me
  20. Now i can live again
  21. One take away one
  22. Springtime
  23. The big blizzard
  24. This heart of mine (can never say goodbye)
  25. Three hearts in a tangle
  26. Too soon to know
  27. Two of a kind
  28. Watch the roses grow
  29. When i stop dreaming
  30. Yesterday's gone
  31. You can't grow peaches on a cherry tree

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