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Goratory Lyrics

Goratory List of Lyrics

Album: Rice On Suede (2004) Lyrics
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  1. Anally Injected Death Sperm (A.I.D.S.)
  2. Rice On Suede
  3. 8 Seconds Of Fury
  4. Headie Mung Festizzeo
  5. Whose Spine Is It Anyway?
  6. Hang `em And Bang `em
  7. Mutilate Remodified
Album: Orgasm Induced Diarrhea (2002) Lyrics
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  1. Donkey Punch
  2. Total Eclipse Of The Fart
  3. The Wrath Of Pipers Pit
  4. Kiz Nizel Mi Dills Nufus
  5. Preschool Prowler
  6. Golden Shower Gladiators
  7. Cream Of Fetus
  8. Cottagecheesecunt
Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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