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Good Charlotte Lyrics

Good Charlotte List of Lyrics

Album: Cardiology (2010) Lyrics
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Album: Greatest Remixes (2008) Lyrics
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Album: Good Morning Revival (2007) Lyrics
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Album: Bootlegs (2004) Lyrics
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Album: The Chronicles Of Life And Death (2004) Lyrics
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Album: The Chronicles Of Life And Death (Death Version) (2004) Lyrics
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Album: The Chronicles Of Life And Death (Life Version) (2004) Lyrics
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Album: Not So Silent Nigh (2003) Lyrics
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Album: Good Charlotte B-Sides (2002) Lyrics
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Album: The Young And The Hopeless (2002) Lyrics
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Album: Good Charlotte (Enhanced) (2001) Lyrics
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Album: Good Charlotte (2000) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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  1. Always and forever
  2. Benji and joel's kylie tribute
  3. Bloody valentine lyric
  4. Bloody valentine-the young and the hopeless
  5. Boys and girls12
  6. Can't go on without you
  7. East cost anthem
  8. Emotionaless
  9. Emotionless (no link)
  10. Emotionless this is real
  11. Festivsal song by gc
  12. Girls & boys(1)
  13. Good charlotte hold on real no links
  14. Goof
  15. Grow up
  16. Hold on (complete)
  17. Hold on (no links)
  18. Hold on (perfect)
  19. Hold on (the good one)
  20. Hold on (w/o links)
  21. Hold on-gc
  22. Lifestyle of the rich and famous
  23. Movin' on (no links)
  24. Put your hands on my shoulder
  25. Seasons cd
  26. The anthem(1)
  27. The day die
  28. The day that i die, by good charlotte
  29. The innocent (featuring mest & goldfinger)
  30. The young and the hopless
  31. Time after time9early version of say anything)
  32. With you
  33. Wondering (good charlotte rock)
  34. Wondering (no link)
  35. Cemetery
  36. Change (acoustic)
  37. Change (real verison)
  38. Don't wanna to stop
  39. Purple pinnapples
  40. Thank you
  41. Thank you mom (hidden track)
  42. The fish and the wart (very rare)
  43. Waldorf worldwide the original version!! (acoustic)
  44. Young and hopeless ** this artist does not want the lyrics marked with a star (*) to be posted on the internet. we respe
  45. Time after time (demo version of say anything)
  46. Another loser's anthem
  47. Complicated (acoustic)
  48. Good charlotte - cemetary (rare)
  49. Jump (feat. n.e.r.d)
  50. Lets go (feat. x-ecutioners)
  51. My girl
  52. Put your heads on my shoulder
  53. Misery (Live)
  54. The Story Of My Old Man (Live)
  55. On The Mountains
  56. Acquiesce (live On BBC 3)
  57. I Want Candy ( Not Anothe Teen Movie Version)
  58. I Want Candy ( Not Another Teen Movie)
  59. Friday Night
  60. In This World
  61. Worldwide (acoustic Version)
  62. Chronicles Of Life And Death (Orignal Lyrics)
  63. Wounded (Hidden Track)
  64. Lost And Broken
  65. The Fall
  66. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous (Live Acoustic)
  67. Good Morning
  68. Complicated (acoustic Version)
  69. Like It's Your Birthday
  70. Always And Forever (Thank You Mom)
  71. Waldorf Worldwide (Live Acoustic)
  72. Change (acoustic Version)
  73. Acquiesce (Live On Bbc)
  74. Chronicles Of Life And Death (Orignal
  75. Chronicles Of Life And Death Lyrics
  76. Girls & Boys (Live)
  77. Once Upon A Time: The Battle For Life And Death [instrumental]
  78. The Story Of My Old Man (Abbey Road Session Version)
  79. Break Apart Her Heart
  80. Acquiesce
  81. Anxiety
  82. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
  83. Can't Go On
  84. Cemetary
  85. Christmas By The Phone
  86. Dumb Like That
  87. Face The Strange
  88. Fight Song
  89. Foolish
  90. Footloose
  91. Gravity Girl
  92. Hey Dad
  93. I Want Candy
  94. I'm Down
  95. Jump
  96. Just Wanna Live
  97. Let's Go
  98. Los Angeles World Wide
  99. Lost Cause
  100. No Communication
  101. Overcome
  102. Predictable (Japanese Version)
  103. Put Your Head On My Shoulder
  104. Someday
  105. Story Of My Life
  106. Superman Can't Walk
  107. The Chronicles Of Life And Death (Acoustic)
  108. The Fish And The Wart
  109. The Innocent
  110. The Love
  111. Time After Time
  112. Time After Time (Early Version Of Say Anything)
  113. Understand
  114. War
  115. What Do I Get?
  116. You're Gone