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My girlfriend's shower sucks Lyrics

My girlfriend's shower sucks by Goldfinger  

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My girlfriend's shower sucks where are you now
i want to talk to you
i'm sitting here alone
waiting by the phone
where are you now
i want to talk to you
if only you were home
i wouldn't be alone
i wait for you
where are you now
are you just toying with me
do you need me to play
all your high school games
where are you now
i guess i'll try once more
i don't have much to say
but it's the tenth call that i made
and it's ringing in my head
yeah the last thing that
you said now
i ask you just what is it
you've tasted
your answers hushed
i'm wasted so wasted
and all the promises you made
were the others just the same now

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