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Album: Bartender'S Blues (2008) Lyrics
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  1. (when your phone don't ring (it'll be me)
  2. Ain't your memory got not pride at all
  3. Bartender's blues
  4. I ain't got no business doin' business today
  5. I don't want no stranger sleepin' in my bed
  6. I give it all up for you
  7. I'll just take it out in love
  8. If you loved a liar (you'd hug my neck)
  9. Julianne
  10. Leaving love all over the place
Album: Hurricane (2008) Lyrics
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  1. This Is
  2. Williams' Blood
  3. Corporate Cannibal
  4. I'm Crying (mother's Tears)
  5. Well Well Well
  6. Hurricane
  7. Love You To Life
  8. Sunset Sunrise
  9. Devil In My Life
Album: Still The Same Old Me (2008) Lyrics
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Album: Wine Colored Roses (2008) Lyrics
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Album: 40 Years Of Duets (2007) Lyrics
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  1. Yearning - W/ Jeanette Hicks
  2. Flame In My Heart - W/ Virginia Spurlock
  3. Waltz Of The Angels - W/ Margie Singelton
  4. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms - W/ Melba Montgomery
  5. Let's Invite Them Over - W/ Melba Montgomery
  6. We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds - W/ Melba Montgomery
  7. I've Got Five Dollars And I'ts Saturday Night - W/ Gene Pitney
  8. Milwaukee, Here I Come - W/ Brenda Carter
  9. Golden Ring - W/ Tammy Wynette
  10. We're Gonna Hold On - W/ Tammy Wynette
  11. Maybellene - W/ Johnny Paycheck
  12. Bartender's Blues - W/ James Taylor
  13. Yesterday's Wine - W/ Merle Haggard
  14. Two Story House - W/ Tammy Wynette
  15. We Didn't See A Thing - W/ Ray Charles And Chet Atkins
  16. A Few Ole Country Boys - W/ Randy Travis
  17. Size Seven Round (Made Of Gold) - W/ Lacy J. Dalton
  18. You Don't Seem To Miss Me - W/ Patty Loveless
  19. A Good Year For The Roses - W/ Alan Jackson
  20. One - W/ Tammy Wynette
Album: Ways Of The World (2007) Lyrics
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Album: Hits I Missed...And One I Didn't (2005) Lyrics
[Buy " Hits I Missed...And One I Didn't" CD]
Album: My Very Special Guests (Legacy Edition) (2005) Lyrics
[Buy "My Very Special Guests (Legacy Edition)" CD]
Album: Country Standards (2004) Lyrics
[Buy "Country Standards" CD]
Album: Live Recording From The Louisiana Hayride (2004) Lyrics
[Buy "Live Recording From The Louisiana Hayride" CD]
Album: Live Recordings From the Louisiana Hayride (2004) Lyrics
[Buy "Live Recordings From the Louisiana Hayride" CD]
Album: Jones By George (Disk 1) (2003) Lyrics
[Buy "Jones By George (Disk 1)" CD]
Album: Jones By George (Disk 2) (2003) Lyrics
[Buy "Jones By George (Disk 2)" CD]
Album: The Gospel Collection (Disk 1) (2003) Lyrics
[Buy "The Gospel Collection (Disk 1)" CD]
Album: The Gospel Collection (Disk 2) (2003) Lyrics
[Buy "The Gospel Collection (Disk 2)" CD]
Album: Together Again (2002 Version) (2002) Lyrics
[Buy "Together Again (2002 Version)" CD]
  1. 'til i get it right
  2. D-i-v-o-r-c-e
  3. He Stopped Loving Her Today
  4. Her name is...
  5. I turn to you
  6. Nothing ever hurt me (half as bad as losing you)
  7. The wonders you perform
  8. They call it making love
  9. Who's gonna fill their shoes
  10. Womanhood
Album: George Jones [St. Clair] (2001) Lyrics
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Album: The Rock Stone Cold Country (2001) Lyrics
[Buy "The Rock Stone Cold Country" CD]
Album: Country Music Hall Of Famer (2000) Lyrics
[Buy "Country Music Hall Of Famer" CD]
Album: Greatest Hits [Cema] (2000) Lyrics
[Buy "Greatest Hits [Cema]" CD]
Album: 16 Biggest Hits (1999) Lyrics
[Buy "16 Biggest Hits" CD]
Album: 16 Biggest Hits (with Tammy Wynette) (1999) Lyrics
[Buy "16 Biggest Hits (with Tammy Wynette)" CD]

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