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Gemma Hayes Lyrics

Gemma Hayes List of Lyrics

Album: Let It Break (2012) Lyrics
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  1. All I Need
  2. Brittle Winter
  3. Don't Let Them Cut Your Hair
  4. Fire
  5. Keep Running
  6. Noise
  7. Ruin
  8. Shock To The System
  9. Sorrow Be Gone
  10. That Sky Again
  11. There's Only Love
  12. To Be Beside You
Album: The Hollow Of Morning (2008) Lyrics
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  1. This Is What You Do
  2. Out Of Our Hands
  3. January 14th
  4. Home
  5. In Over My Head
  6. Chasing Dragons
  7. Don't Forget
  8. Sad Ol Song
  9. At Constant Speed
  10. Under A Canopy
Album: Roads Don'T Love You (2005) Lyrics
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Album: Night On My Side (2003) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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