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Found you now Lyrics by Gary Numan


Found you now by Gary Numan

I know that you already take as read

I helped you

You know the back of my hand

I wish that we were enchanted

Girl, now I take it for granted

Your love was starin' me right in the heart

Why does our pride make us weak?

While I was wonderin' where to start

You were there to show me

All I had to learn

You were way off the mark

Most of it in the dark

Found you now

Tiny light, give the peace

With which we reach indecision

I guess we lived in the meantime

Till we remembered our first lines

We must have missed a turn

Still got a lot to learn

Found you now

So now we live a life of give and take

Day by day

We don't control where it leads us

If we compare the first day we met

I must admit nothing's changed

I recognize only one regret

Life embarassments unexpressed

Found you now

Found you now