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Dropping Anchor Lyrics

Dropping Anchor by Fallen From The Sky  

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Dropping Anchor I'm dropping anchor, and this ship's not gonna move because I've waited long enough to work the nerve up. These past relations, well they've really made thier mark, but let's hope someday they go away so I can start again.

You've really made yourself a name around here. We all know who to avoid.
I'm tired of waiting. Don't tell me to walk away. I've got a date with sad CDs, abandoned books, and old-school movies. Face it. You're not worth it. Somethings will never change, but as for me I'll never be the same.

It's one of those nights where the rain is heavier than the bricks that we lay across our careless eyes. I hope I never have to wake up, because if I dream forever, nothing can go wrong.

You will never change. I guess it's my decision. You turned your back and now you act as if it's all my fault. You will never change. I guess it's my decision. Don't turn your back on me.

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