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  1. Anniersary Of An Uniteresting Event
  2. Anthonys Diddy
  3. Bumble D
  4. Change [In The Houde Of Flies]
  5. Chillers
  6. Crenshaw's Punch
  7. Do They Know It's Christmas?
  8. El Scorcho
  9. First Commandment
  10. Gift
  11. Hexagram2
  12. I Want Milk
  13. I
  14. Like Linus
  15. Never Let Me Down Again
  16. Pain
  17. Plastic
  18. Right Brigade
  19. South Of Heaven
  20. Spasmolytic
  21. Subliminal
  22. Teclo
  23. The Chauffuer
  24. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here
  25. To have & to hold
  26. Venision
  27. Will To Die
  28. Ph7 and Plains Version of Root
  29. Nightboat by deftones
  30. Si te vas
  31. Sinatra by deftones
  32. Be Quiet And Drive
  33. Change
  34. Christmas
  35. Feiticiera
  36. Good morning beatufiful
  37. Holiday
  38. Hump
  39. I’m so tired
  40. In the garage
  41. Knife party at the niko
  42. Nightboat
  43. Pink maggit (rap version)
  44. Right brigade (bad brains)
  45. Roots (root demo)
  46. Sabotage
  47. Some people
  48. Subliminal (suicidal tendencies)
  49. The chauffeur (duran duran cover)
  50. Tired of sex
  51. Will to die (strife)
  52. Answers (demo)
  53. Keep on lovin’ you
  54. Bender (feat. sevendust)
  55. Lovers
  56. Paint The Streets In White!
  57. Two Different Sides
  58. They'll Come Soon
  59. God's Hand
  60. I Climbed Your Arms
  61. One Of These Days You'll Break Me Of Many Things
  62. No More Gold Lights For The Queen Earth To Keep You Warm In Your Kingdoms
  63. She Haunts The Roads, She Waits For A New Face
  64. (So)
  65. A Sea Of Waves
  66. Somehow Calm As She Walks On Stage
  67. Kimdracula
  68. In Waves The Ships Have All Sailed To The Sea
  69. How Neat. I'm Impressed...
  70. You Should Know (By Now) Really
  71. Rocket Stones
  72. I Can't Move Her...
  73. Soon As You Came In, All The Beast Went Away
  74. I Gave You All The Love I Got
  75. I Get All...Numb
  76. I Want To Sleep If You Are Awake
  77. Pink Maggot
  78. Carrying Prose
  79. Mama Told Me When I Was Young
  80. I've Looked Outside
  81. Answers
  82. Bender
  83. Cant Even Breathe
  84. Crenshaw
  85. Freaks
  86. Gods Hands
  87. Hogburg Hop
  88. Linus
  89. Pink Maggit (Rap Metal Version)
  90. Savoury
  91. Say it Aint So
  92. Teething
  93. The Chauffer
  94. Venison
  95. Wicked
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