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Daggers Lyrics

Daggers by Deathboy  

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Daggers I poured my heart out
Into a bottle
I left my life on
The bathroom floor
My will has slipped down
Right to the bottom
I watch my corpse float
Up to your door

I sing my lungs out
Into your silence
I left my light on
Hoping you'd come
My peaceful protest
Crazier violence
I see my heart strings
coming undone

I wrote my words out
Into a letter
I let the page fall
Onto your bed
I want your touch so
It will get better
I want to hear now
Things never said

I let my tears fall
Making me hollow
I squeezed my fear out
Over your walls

I gripped your hand tight
Letting me follow
But my survival
Means nothing at all

I threw my plea down
Into the ocean
I talked the sea down
Numbing my face
I walked the streets down
Slowing my motion
I called your name down
Another race with a bitter taste

And I held my arms out
For you to hold me
Instead you
whispered me daggers

And what you did
Wasn't what you told me
Instead you
whispered me daggers

And when I call
you never catch me
leaving me staggered

And through it all
you reassured me
and whispered me daggers

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