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Data recovery Lyrics by Deathboy


Data recovery by Deathboy

I wrote a message
On the wall
The wall was you

I was heretic
And through it all
I was using you

I dreamed of spaceships
I soared and crawled
because of you

I took a snapshot
of my fall
I looked through you

Cos I wanted to see
cos I wanted to feel
Cos I wanted to fall apart like you

Cos I wanted to be
Cos I want to decieve
Cos I wanna be a liar just like you

Cos I know what abuse is
Cos I know what the truth is
Cos I'm holding the proof that I'm not like you

Cos I wanna give up
Cos I wanna throw up
Cos I wanna be f**ked up just like you

Hold on tight
For the ride of your life
Bigger and better
As advertised

The ultimate
Tested and tried
With too many dead friends
to hide behind