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David Wilcox (Canadian) Lyrics

David Wilcox (Canadian) List of Lyrics

Album: Rhythm of Love (2001) Lyrics
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  1. Hook It Boy
  2. High Water Rising
  3. Rhythm of Love
  4. I Need a Vice
  5. Easy Like Rain
  6. Three Women
  7. Mama
  8. Three Men
  9. Already Got What You Need
  10. Broken Trees
  11. Rattlesnakin' Daddy
  12. Play That Guitar Rag
Album: Thirteen Songs (1996) Lyrics
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  1. Crazy blue
  2. God is on a bender
  3. House by the River
  4. Hip Deep Water
  5. Peggy
  6. Three Past Midnight
  7. Walking Through Walls
  8. Rainy Night Saloon
  9. Shotgun City
  10. Alley Walking
  11. Truth or Fiction
  12. O Freedom/Wings
Album: The Natural Edge (1989) Lyrics
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Album: Breakfast at the Circus (1987) Lyrics
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Album: Bad Reputation (1984) Lyrics
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Album: My Eyes Keep Me in Trouble (1983) Lyrics
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Album: Out of the Woods (1977) Lyrics
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  1. Bump up Ahead
  2. Do the bearcat
  3. Life Is Funky
  4. Money in the Bank
  5. Hot, hot papa
  6. Cheap beer joint
  7. A Little Chunk of You
  8. Bad apple
  9. Out in the Wild, Wild World
  10. That hypnotizin' boogie
Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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