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Chuck Berry Lyrics

Chuck Berry List of Lyrics

Album: Vol. 1-His Best (1997) Lyrics
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Album: Vol. 2-His Best (1997) Lyrics
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Album: Blowing Up A Breeze (1995) Lyrics
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  1. Firebird
  2. How Come You Do Me Like You Do?
  3. Stealin' Apples
  4. Warmin' Up
  5. Rhythm Of The Tambourine
  6. Back In You Own Backyard
  7. Sittin' In
  8. Star Dust
  9. 46 West 52nd
  10. Lady Be Good
  11. Sweethearts On Parade
  12. Shufflin' At The Hollywood
  13. Pluckin' The Bass
  14. Hot Mallets
  15. Ghost Of A Chance
  16. Lonesome Nights
  17. Special Delivery
  18. Take The 'A' Train
  19. Blowing Up A Breeze
  20. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
  21. Monday At Minton's (What's It To You?)
  22. Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good To You?
Album: San Francisco Dues (1971) Lyrics
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Album: Live at the Fillmore Auditorium (1967) Lyrics
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  1. C.C. Rider
  2. Drifting blues
  3. Every Day I Have the Blues
  4. Feelin' It
  5. Fillmore Blues
  6. Flying Home
  7. Hoochie Coochie Man
  8. It Hurts Me Too
  9. Johnny b. goode
  10. Wee Baby Blues
Album: Chuck Berry in London (1965) Lyrics
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  1. After It's Over
  2. Butterscotch
  3. Dear dad
  4. His daughter caroline
  5. I got a booking
  6. I want to be your driver
  7. Jamaica farewell song
  8. My little love lights
  9. Night Beat
  10. She Once Was Mine
  11. St. louis blues
  12. The Song of My Love
  13. Why should we end this way
  14. You Came a Long Way from St. Louis
Album: St. Louis to Liverpool (1964) Lyrics
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Album: New Juke Box Hits (1961) Lyrics
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Album: Rockin' at the Hops (1960) Lyrics
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Album: Chuck Berry Is on Top (1959) Lyrics
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Album: After School Session (1958) Lyrics
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Album: Chuck Berry: The Chess Box (Box Set) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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  1. Earth Angel
  2. Johnny B Good
  3. Johny B. Good
  4. Johny B. Goode
  5. Jonny Be Good
  6. Old Time Rock N Roll
  7. No Particualr Place To Go
  8. Sweet Little Rock And Roll
  9. Talking Bout You
  10. Too Much Monkey Business For Me
  11. 30 Days
  12. Sweet little rock & roller
  13. Aimlessly drifting
  14. Ain't that just like a woman
  15. Back to memphis
  16. Bio
  17. Bonsoir ché–žie
  18. California
  19. Check me out
  20. Club nitty gritty
  21. Crazy arms
  22. Do you love me
  23. Every day we rock'n'roll
  24. Fish and chips
  25. Go go go
  26. Good looking woman
  27. Got it and gone
  28. Have mercy judge
  29. Hello little girl goodbye
  30. House lights
  31. How you've changed
  32. I can't believe
  33. I do really love you
  34. I don't take but a few minutes
  35. I love her i love her
  36. I love you
  37. I need you baby
  38. I never thought
  39. I will not let you go
  40. I'm a rocker
  41. I'm just a name
  42. I've changed
  43. If i were
  44. It wasn't me
  45. It's my own business
  46. It's too dark in here
  47. La jaunda
  48. Let's boogie
  49. Louis to frisco
  50. Ma' dear ma' dear
  51. Misery
  52. Move it
  53. Mum's the word
  54. My blue christmas
  55. My ding-a-ling-a-ling
  56. My heart will always belong to you
  57. My mustang ford
  58. My woman
  59. Oh what a thrill
  60. Oh yeah
  61. Pass away
  62. Rain eyes
  63. Ramona say yes
  64. Right off rampart street
  65. Rock cradle rock
  66. Rock'n'roll music
  67. Roll away
  68. Run rudolph run
  69. Some people
  70. Soul rocking
  71. Still got the blues
  72. Sue ann sir
  73. Sweet sixteen
  74. Talking about my buddy
  75. Tell you about my buddy
  76. The little girl from central
  77. The love i lost
  78. The man and the donkey
  79. Together we'll always be
  80. Trick or treat
  81. Vacation time
  82. Viva viva rock'n'roll
  83. Wee hours blues
  84. Welcome back pretty baby
  85. Wuden't me
  86. You and my country
  87. I Got T Find My Baby
  88. Driftin' Blues
  89. Bon Soir Cherie
  90. Goodnight, Well It's Time To Go
  91. La Jaunda (Espanola)
  92. To Piiped To Pop
  93. C'est La Vie
  94. Memphis Tennessee
  95. My Ding A Ling
  96. Nadine
  97. Reeling And Rocking
  98. Riding Along In My Automobile
  99. Talkin' 'bout You
Album: You Never Can Tell: The Complete Chess Recordings 1960-1966 [Disc 1] Lyrics
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Album: You Never Can Tell: The Complete Chess Recordings 1960-1966 [Disc 3] Lyrics
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Album: You Never Can Tell: The Complete Chess Recordings 1960-1966 [Disc 4] Lyrics
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