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Bloodlet Lyrics

Bloodlet List of Lyrics

Album: Three Humid Nights in the Cypress Trees (2002) Lyrics
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  1. A Funeral For Dead Roses
  2. A Variety Of Damage
  3. America's Next Top Model
  4. Ashes To Ashes
  5. Begging The Blind
  6. Demonstrating My Style
  7. Frienemies
  8. From Here On Out
  9. Hammer To Nail
  10. I May Have Been Born Yesterday, But I Stayed Up All Night
  11. If Heaven Ain't A Lot Like Ypsi, I Don't Wanna Go
  12. Is You Asking? Or Is You Telling?
  13. Isaac Is The Champ
  14. It Can't Rain All The Time
  15. Know When To Hold 'em
  16. Last Goodbye
  17. Not Another Teen Love Song
  18. Saturday Night In Dixie
  19. Shall We Dance
  20. Sundress
  21. Take It Or Leave It
  22. The Saddest Girl To Ever Hold A Martini
  23. They Want You Silent
  24. Trying To Collect Child Support From Ghostdad
  25. Behind The Smoke
  26. Behind The Smoke (Spanish Version)
  27. By My Side
  28. Can Ignore
  29. Desired Is The End
  30. Evil Child
  31. Exhale Again
  32. Exhale Again (Spanish Version)
  33. Feelings Around Me
  34. From Fire
  35. Game Over
  36. Hard Feelings
  37. Illusions
  38. Never More
  39. Nevermore (Spanish Version)
  40. Oblivion
  41. Other Worlds
  42. Queen Of Darkness
  43. Rend Destiny
  44. Secrets Of The Sea
  45. Somebody Comes For Me
  46. Take My Soul
  47. The Betrayal Looks To You
  48. The Final Day
  49. The Final Day (Spanish Version)
  50. Waiting For The Horror
  51. Angels Of Death
  52. As The Lambs Bleed
  53. Bloodshed
  54. Embraced By The Macabre
  55. Forever Nightmare
  56. Haunted By My Perversions
  57. Hell
  58. Molesting The Innocence
  59. Putrid Resurrection In Anthropophagia
  60. The St Sylvester's Day Of The Living-Dead
  61. Learn to fly: ascent
  62. The way of the leeches
  63. I have such a hard time making new friends
  64. Vision quest
  65. Holy rollin' homicide
  66. Learn to fly: descent
  67. The way of the will
  68. Three humid nights in the cypress trees
  69. Worms
  70. Motel surgery
  71. Learn to fly: impact
  72. The way of the knife
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